The man stole seven watches are valuable said did not expect so valuable-tonya mitchell

"Men stole seven watches are valuable, said I did not expect so valuable" I regret my behavior, are young, not sensible, I did not expect stolen watches so valuable." Lu found regret when he saw himself as high as more than 80 yuan. Reporters from Jinhua Dongyang city procuratorate was informed that the hospital for theft of Lumou prosecution. Lu Mou, male, 19 years old, Dongyang. June 26th at 1 pm, Lumou came to a cyber cafe. This is where he stepped on the spot a little earlier. "The recent economy is difficult.". Usually go to the Internet cafe passing the family, found that households often have no lights, no one lived, I intend to go to the house and stole." The Dumou home and Internet cafes across the middle of a housing, and the two top of the house is attached. Then, Lumou first from one balcony climbed to the roof and down the middle of residential building, the balcony to Du an attic, and then jumped from the top floor to the third floor of the platform, successfully climbed into the third floor window for the first theft, "when I see the bedroom TV there is a box on the side of open some watches have seen inside, but I did not steal." In the study, stole six cigarettes, Lumou backtrack to Internet cafes. In the afternoon, Lu will sell the stolen cigarettes to a cigarette hotel, a total profit of 4400 yuan. Benefit Lumou soon return to the place of crime of theft again. June 29th at 1 pm, Lumou in the same way again into the Dumou home, but this time he in addition to stealing cigarettes, but also walked along the two floor of the bedroom TV cabinet on the wooden box. "The box is not valuable, but there are seven watches in the box, bought from Beijing, Hongkong and other places, such as Vacheron Constantin, Cartire and so on, it is not expensive." Du said. Lu stole the watch, threw the box in the flower bed, hid the cigarette and watch in the top floor of the house where he lived, and sold the cigarettes the next day, and got 2215 yuan. The seven watches in the box, apart from a watch, were temporarily unable to identify the price, and the remaining six watches were identified with a total value of 875 thousand and 500 yuan. That the situation Lumou either: "I did not think I stole your watch so." After the incident, the police have been involved in the seizure of property, and has been returned to the victim Du mou.

男子偷了七块手表都价值不菲 称没想到那么值钱 “我对自己的行为感到后悔,都是年轻不懂事,我也没想到偷的手表这么值钱。”看到自己涉案金额高达80余万元,卢某后悔不已。记者从金华东阳市检察院获悉,该院以盗窃罪对卢某提起公诉。卢某,男,19岁,东阳人。6月26日凌晨1时许,卢某来到了某网咖。这是他早就踩好点的地方。“近期经济比较困难。平时去网咖路过那户人家,发现那户人家经常没有灯亮着,感觉没人住,我就打算去那户人家偷了。”被害人杜某家和网咖中间隔着一间居民房,而这两家房子的顶楼是连着。于是,卢某就先从网咖的阳台爬到了中间居民房顶楼,再顺着阳台到了杜某家顶楼,再从顶楼跳到三楼平台,顺利地爬进三楼的窗户进行了第一次盗窃,“当时我看到卧室电视机边上有一个盒子,打开看过里面有一些手表,但我没偷。”在书房盗走六条烟后,卢某原路返回至网咖。当天下午,卢某便将所盗的烟转卖给了某烟酒店,共获利人民币4400元。得到好处的卢某很快便重回作案地点再次盗窃。6月29日凌晨1时许,卢某用相同的方式再次进入杜某家,不过这次他除了窃取香烟外,还顺走了二楼卧室电视柜上的木盒子。“盒子不值钱,但盒子里面放了七块手表,分别从北京、香港等地买来的,有江诗丹顿、卡地亚等,价值不菲。”杜某介绍说。卢某窃得手表后,将盒子扔在花坛里,将香烟和手表藏在自己住的房子的顶楼,次日将香烟卖掉,获款2215元。盒子里面的七块手表除一块手表暂时无法鉴定价格外,其余六块手表经鉴定共计价值87.55万元。得知该情况后的卢某后悔不迭:“我根本没想到我偷的手表这么贵。”案发后,民警已查扣涉案财物,并已发还被害人杜某。相关的主题文章:

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