The mainland elite Olympic delegation arrived in Hong Kong-gigolos

The mainland elite Olympic delegation arrived Hongkong 27 August,     (reporter Chen Ran) 27 noon, led by the State Sports General Administration Director Liu Peng’s "Rio Olympics Olympic elite mainland delegation of 64 people arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport by special plane for a 3 day visit exchange trip. When the door opened, as China’s first gold Rio won shooter Zhang Mengxue took the lead out of the cabin, followed by the implementation of Chinese bicycle Olympic gold medal zero breakthrough Gong Jinjie. More than 200 people holding flags and the Hongkong youth cheer for the athletes and sent a wreath. The Hongkong SAR Government on the tarmac for the delegation held a welcoming ceremony, the Chief Secretary Lin Zhengyuee, deputy director of the Central Government Liaison Office Yang Jian, the Secretary for home affairs until the field to meet Liu Jianghua. Lin Zhengyuee said in his speech, since the return of Hongkong, in the middle of each session after the end of the Olympic Games will be the first time for the athletes to visit, to the people of Hongkong can enjoy their style, sharing joy, highlighting the national support of the Hongkong SAR, but also reflects the deep feelings between the two peoples. Liu Peng thanked Hongkong compatriots on the mainland for sports help and support, said Hong Kong will borrow opportunities and Hongkong compatriots to share the glory and victory of Chinese people. Subsequently, the delegation went to the press conference at the InterContinental Hotel in Tsim Sha tsui. Women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping said that in 80s compared with the current technology of volleyball cannot, but women’s volleyball team spirit has not changed, each team players are fighting for the collective honor. Men’s 200 meter freestyle champion Sun Yang believes that China’s sports industry is gradually strong, and may bring a sense of crisis to many countries, but the outside world does not affect the speech and powerful athletes. The women’s 100 meter backstroke bronze medal, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui for the Hongkong public support and love, she bluntly love Hongkong very much, look forward to the beauty and delicacy here. According to reports, the 28 day morning, the delegation of athletes will be in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Tongluowan Vitoria park swimming pool for badminton, table tennis and diving demonstrations, the athletes into the community, schools, homes and business field visits, exchanges with the people of Hongkong. In the afternoon, all the athletes will attend at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium "Olympic elite agreed your" theatrical extravaganza. 29 am, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will take an open bus in the new territories of Hongkong parade, meet with the people of Hongkong. Subsequently, some athletes will go to the Hongkong Institute of physical education and community, volleyball, taekwondo and other projects exchange activities. On the afternoon of the same day, the delegation will leave for Macao to continue its visit. Delegation of 64 people, including members of the Olympic gold medal athletes, the top 3 athletes and the coach and team leader of the 5 national team of the world’s top 42. SourcePh" style=" " > Beijing, 27 August Xinhua (reporter Lu Yanan) National Bureau of statistics data released on 27: 1 – July, the national scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 3 trillion and 523 billion 590 million yuan, compared to the same period;相关的主题文章:

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