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The mainland delivery room a hard pregnant woman says hung "ox" lucky – Beijing Reference News Network September 18th Hong Kong media reported that the mainland Chinese bring pressure to the hospital in infant and pregnant women. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on September 11th, Jane? Liang (sound) sitting in the Beijing maternal and child health hospital crowded waiting room, but this noisy environment did not make her upset, on the contrary, she felt very lucky. The 29 year old accounting is one of the pregnant women were selected, can be admitted to the hospital to give birth. She got the seat when she felt she was eight weeks pregnant, and it was too late for the other person to apply for the first six weeks of pregnancy. Ms. Liang said: my husband is not in the morning to queue up at 6, or hang up. So we spend money to find cattle registration. Another good thing is that an ultrasound scan shows my child is only six weeks old." Later, the doctor gave her a reservation in the month after her due date, because all of the delivery room in her pre production phase had been booked up. Reported that the tense bed and a few years ago, a strong contrast to the situation, when pregnant women after 12 weeks of pregnancy can also be booked to bed. When demographers are still assessing last year announced the full liberalization of the two child policy will bring what kind of influence to the population, pregnant women are feeling the pressure. China is expected to be due to this policy change, the next five years will be more than the birth of the baby in the next 17 million years. It is expected that in some of these years, the number of newborns will exceed 20 million. Reported that this year is the year of the monkey, traditionally considered to be a lucky year for children, so the bed of the increasingly fierce debate. Last year, the number of newborns in Beijing has registered 200 thousand, this figure is expected to reach 360 thousand this year, far more than the medical system capacity of 26 to 280 thousand newborns delivered. Geng Yutian, deputy director of the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Commission, said the number of pregnant women has surged this year, with an average of 30 thousand a month, up from just over 20 thousand last year. August, a number of top public hospitals issued a notice, saying that no longer receive pre pregnancy maternity beds in April reservation. MS Leung said that some of her colleagues had not been received by the hospital because they were too late. She said: "you are not too early to prepare, or you will not get a public hospital beds. My two colleagues had to be booked in a private hospital after being rejected by several hospitals." Ren Yuan, a professor of demography at Fudan University, said that the increase in the number of pregnant women suggests that the release of planned control policies is working, especially in large cities with large populations such as Beijing and Shanghai. But he does not expect a big rebound in overall fertility. "Even with the increase in the number of newborn babies and policy factors taken into account in the year of the monkey, the fertility rate in China is still low. Considering that the number of babies born every year is 16 million, this growth is not much." (compile Yuan Xinfang)相关的主题文章:

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