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"The Legendary Swordsman"   annual finals; Guo Degang against Song Dandan – Culture – disciple disciple original title: Feng Xiaogang "trick" behind the dance comedy "The Legendary Swordsman" final "The Legendary Swordsman" third quarter Ming later than the Oriental TV staged the finals. After more than three months of intense competition, the six groups of players will compete for the championship this season. At the peak of the war "," Gang Gangdan "three observers have supported objects. Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan as the disciples of Guo Degang and Song Dandan will receive the new female apprentice o-po confrontation, although two people did not take the initiative to avoid arousing suspicion for his votes, but in the comment is invisible as many points so. From the preliminary round since the popular Feng Xiaogang enjoy "world dance king" Dino directly get Feng Xiaogang back for the upright Feng Xiaogang has always played the machine carefully. The disciple of Guo Degang against Song Dandan disciple finals were "de Almighty king" Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan, "wonderful goddess" OBO "theater," King "Zhou Yunpeng, Li Jing, Bruce Lee, and the lightning" "world dance king" Dino, Hu Hongjun, Wang Jiong, "comic new forces?" Lu Xin, Yu hao. Guo Degang Zhang Helun, the apprentice Lang Heyan as the first group players will play, and the second group Song Dandan disciple OBO confrontation, only the winners have the opportunity to continue to impact the challenger championship. Scene, for their own strength quite confident Zhang Helun, joked after the show, today there is no other than the championship." Although Guo Degang said in comments, afraid of being unwilling to say shady, disciple of the champion, but for the two favorite performance still affirmed. While Song Dandan was just in the same income, female man style is still a continuation of the previous "women wooing men", and the scene a few degrees conversion time in the program, from twentieth Century 60s and 70s to twenty-first Century have been played, the ending is so moved by tears, "as Song Dandan, played a lifetime comedy actor. I want to say, can show the sketch, a word, my apprentice!" Feng Xiaogang using a wedge between Guo Degang and Song Dandan on their disciple praise, while Feng Xiaogang is no apprentice, but to dance with a comedy "deus ex world dance king" Dino, Hu Hongjun, Wang? People are very popular. From the preliminaries to the semi-finals and then to the final round of competition, each Feng Xiaogang had behind the words this group of offbeat comedy people. In the show, Dino three people to give up the usual robot stem, turned into three people in the streets amused the clown, with superb dancing skills and can deduce into the water feeling in the air, the audience amazed. At the end of the program, Dino with the song "clown", with a solo show a frustrated struggle pain, but make Song Dandan deeply touched, tears as she was feeling said, "you let me play this dance somersault this life on the stage." Dino has been particularly appreciate Feng Xiaogang this also generously Appreciative words, said, "this program is for all comedians to express feelings." After an exception canvassing for Dino, has always been honest small Feng)相关的主题文章:

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