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The Lakers have been transformed into 4 small warriors scoring 120+ + crazy sports reporter Ji Mengnian reported today, the Lakers win is no longer news. After today’s defeat of the nets, their record to 7 wins and 5 losses, continue to maintain the top eight ranks in the West. To achieve such results, the team coach Luke Walton contributed, in his training, Russell, Randall and other young people of the Lakers have played very well. Nick Young, Lewis, and others are all of their own in the spring of second. As a coach, Walton gave the players a lot of freedom, so that everyone has the opportunity to attack, the team’s vitality and compared to a previous rise. Every night, they have different people to stand up and help the team. They beat the nets in today’s competition, Randall and Russell became the biggest player in the team winning. Russell hit 7 points in the game and scored a total of 32 points, while Randall played a score of 17 points, with a total of 14 rebounds and a total of 10 assists in the top two of the. At first glance, these two are still a little bit of Kouliga Green. In the first section, Russell hit 5 three pointers and scored 17 points, while Randall contributed 5 rebounds and 7 assists. As the game went on, the Lakers didn’t cool down, and Russell was able to score with his own personality, and Randall was aggressive at the end of the offense. In many attack, Randall are advancing from the backcourt ball, he will be the first time to observe the situation on the field, if Russell is in the ideal position, he will quickly pass to the best partner, let him finish shooting. After the game, Walton also praised the Randall’s excellent play, he said: "the Randall now has come to believe that he does in this union done so well. I believe he still has room to rise." Walton said yes, from last year to this season, Randall become a lot of confidence, he began to like Green de Raymond dribbling, and even support. This season, he has a very ideal to play, but this is not the limit of his own and, if Randall can be improved in the defensive end, the Lakers will undoubtedly be a better news. And Russell is the same, he has a good hand, but also has a lot of offensive skills. At the same time, his defense has improved significantly. Walton also said that Russell is now defending the ball a lot better than before. However, Russell also has his weakness, as the team a bit, his play is still not very stable, the team also needs to play his can be more stable, so the Lakers can become a stable team. Russell Gallander, in the eyes of Walton, the two of them is the version of the library and dream. Now Walton put the whole team thoroughly to this group of young people, but they do not seem to live up to the expectations of the young. As of now, the Lakers 7 wins and 5 losses, winning over the same period last season was not high P相关的主题文章:

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