The Kuomintang authorities named Cai 13 black people jiquanshengtian

The Kuomintang authorities named Cai 13 black organ: people jiquanshengtian KMT vice chairman Hu Wenqi. (source: Taiwan’s ETTV cloud) original title: the Kuomintang authorities named Cai 13 black organ: people jiquanshengtian China Taiwan network November 11th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported, KMT vice chairman Hu Wenqi, Tang Deming, Hong Meng Kai held 10 "black cat financial organs authorities Cai sets" press conference, Hu Wenqi pointed out that since Cai Yingwen took the establishment of many black bodies, the next few years from all walks of life will keep your eyes open and inspect the operation performance of the black organization, urged the authorities not to indulge in the CAI ideology of the world, to do some beneficial thing. According to reports, the 13 organs of Kuomintang named Cai Yingwen black, the office has 4, including the "Pension Reform Commission", "New South Policy Office", "our country is changed preparatory meeting" and "Aboriginal transitional justice committee", all the "Executive Yuan" has 9, including "youth the Advisory Committee", "cultural newspaper", "long as force", "Sports Development Committee". Hu Wenqi stressed that these black agencies employ the number as high as 300, the reasonable doubt these people’s background is "a kinsman of the emperor" or in addition, the carrying amount of the inbreeding coefficient; related sources of funding up to NT $100 million, not to mention there are special expenses, travel expenses, what money should Cai authorities, is now the most the typical "one word, jiquanshengtian". "Black organs worth, Cai authorities black warriors, Tang Deming further pointed out that, after Cai Yingwen took office, set up a number of black bodies, because the black organization worth, as long as the policy of a state, one after another, therefore, ridiculed as" to be raised will". Tang Deming summed up the establishment of the black authorities CAI can be divided into three categories. The first is the "pie", which is called black people with long organs; the second category is "struggle differentiation", is simply to divide segment voters, get the authority to carry out the black party for political purposes; the third category is "bye, mixed sound", simply say that fish for fame, but not necessarily benefit the black organization. This kind of black authorities seem to have a strong demand for public opinion, but it is very mysterious, a lot of manpower, but the budget is very opaque, the purpose is to cheat votes. Source: China Taiwan network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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