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The Jilin province adult college admission care policy announced 3 cases of exemption of entrance examination in 2016 the national adult college in our province has ended in October 30th, the province’s registration 32580. Has entered the paper recycling, processing and discipline audit papers review stage. 2, 2009, the Provincial Education Examination Yuan announced the 2016 Jilin adult college entrance examination care policy. Take care of the enrollment policy 1. Won the "national model worker" and "national advanced worker" title, the "national" 51 "Labor Medal", upon his own application and issue the relevant certificate or certificate, entrance examination provincial audit institutions, the school enrollment to school exemption. 2. The Olympic Games, world cup and world championship events of the Olympic Games, the top eight winners of the non Olympic Games the top six winners; the Asian Games and the Asian Cup and the Asian Championships in the Olympics before the six winners, the non Olympic Games the top three winners of the National Games, national championships and; the national championship in the Olympics before the three winners, the non Olympic Games champion. The athletes after I applied for and issued by provincial sports administration department audit "to apply for exemption of elite athletes into the adult schools of higher learning recommendation form" (National Sports Bureau, provincial producer) entrance examination institutions audit, the school enrollment to school exemption. 3. In "hiring college graduates to serve the village, three of a help (education, agriculture, health and poverty)" and "GWP" and "rural compulsory education school teachers ad hoc jobs plan" project service expires and pass the examination, and enlisted compulsory military service retired general vocational (specialist graduates), ID card, Diploma, vocational (specialist) soldier certificate or related project appraisal certificate, can apply for exemption in the province (area, city) of the adult college students. These can add 50 points Toudang sports and Wushu Athletes of Wuying level titles (must be approved by the provincial administrative departments of sports and sports performance audit issued proof), the provincial education examination can increase 50 Toudang candidates in the examination results on the basis of (a player called winner for 30 points), whether to admit by determining the school enrollment. These can add 20 points Toudang line with one of the following conditions of the candidates, the provincial education examination can increase 20 Toudang candidates based on examination results, whether the admission by the school enrollment to determine. 1. Get above the prefecture level (with) people’s government, ministries and commissions of the State Council and the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) hall, bureau system, large state enterprises to model workers and advanced production (work) and the progress of science and Technology (achievements) Award winner. 2. Access to the provincial workers, youth and women organizations awarded the "Labor Medal" and "new Long March" "38 red banner pacesetter" title. 3. The people’s Liberation Army, armed police, public security officers won the individual three above. 4. Returned overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese children, Taiwan provincial candidates. 5. Children of martyrs, martyrs spouses. 6. Candidates for minority nationalities in the border areas, mountainous areas, pastoral areas and areas inhabited by ethnic minorities相关的主题文章:

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