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The Japanese game krypton gold 300 million game player abandoned pits alerted manufacturers to release special commemorative title we always think of domestic nouveau riche on domestic manufacturers, so has been kneeling licking the nouveau riche seeing strange behavior game player. Xiao Bian thought krypton gold bottomless pit (ten Japanese even smoke no security at the end, only to see the character), usually does not take seriously krypton gold game player, "after all, non Xuan not save krypton does not change the life", has also occurred with nouveau riche events kneeling licking game player. Sumzap operation of the RPG war hand tour, the Warring States, the original dance, because the original TOP players on the list of the total amount of the class is almost 100 million units and famous. After all, the proportion of the game to pull the card to see, want to smoke rare SSR hit the money on the. The game also attaches great importance to the official nature of these heavy class gold without a game player, maybe it will affect the company’s revenue, so the recent official announcement and even see when heavy class gold game player to enter the hall of fame. According to the latest 300 million yen rates close to 20 million RMB "dance" strategy is the Warring States in the Warring States flagship generals card game, card or through the evolution of strengthening skill bred roles, participate in war challenge enemies, also can and other game player group has war exercise alchemist soldiers. But the premise is to have a game card, play it will be fun, so there are friends from the rankings have the power game player, the amount of money they are in class billion take-off! And in the Warring States period of the dance, the smallest unit from one million is considered normal. But this event is really 300 million krypton gold is inexplicable sense of joy, even caused the Japanese hot game player… Defining the title given to Ichi game player "announced" entered the hall in operation, at the same time to enter the palace must meet for more than a year to maintain power rankings champion conditions announced. (it seems to encourage more of the nouveau riche krypton gold) with general dance card SSR Warring States discharge ratio: 158 0.3%, class gold card SSR discharge ratio: 71 1%. Occasionally there will be some increase rate of activities, let the game player to Nouveau riche. But the official public praise heavy game game player krypton gold could also be considered with no predecessors after no bar, do not know what he thought of the nouveau riche are domestic online games? (source: play) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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