The Iraqi army of Mosul will usher in the narrow circle and is street-kasey chase

The Iraqi army of Mosul will usher in the narrow circle and IS street map: the Iraqi special forces into Mosul in 4, Iraqi special forces announced the capture of the eastern part of Mosul City District 6, further narrowing of the extremist organization Islamic state forces the encirclement. With the deepening of the offensive, the Iraqi special forces are experiencing more stubborn resistance. On the other hand, the Islamic state to delay the progression army siege and escape combat also struggled, even more than by the light oil, black smoke cover. The first two years [flag] Iraqi officials said the special forces on the day of the Islamic state launched a major offensive in the artillery and air strikes help solved 6 areas such as Cardella Samakh, Eastern Mosul, and raised the Iraqi flag in the local. This is the control of the Islamic state of Mosul for more than two years, the second largest city in Iraq to raise the flag for the first time. Iraqi lieutenant general Gasim · · Jassim Nazaro said, in eastern Mosul; another area has been captured most of the special forces, extremist militants trying to flee". A special commander of the Iraqi special forces said that the special forces may continue to advance in depth, ready to attack directly through the center of Mosul, the bottom of the Griess river. The Associated Press, as the war went on, the Iraqi army is preparing in Mosul city and extreme armed battles, because Mosul trapped civilians are still more than one million, a densely populated urban area, housing density, government forces may face a few weeks or even months of fighting. [IS] Nazaro and war and retreat Iraqi army lieutenant general also acknowledged that the government forces encountered the Islamic state of the strong opposition in the recent fighting, such as armed men driving a car packed with explosives to attack government forces launched Dutch act. Frontline commander Muhanade · Timmy m told the The Associated Press reporter, to advance the process, government forces suffered 3 militants launched Dutch act car bomb attack, but fortunately the government forces were defeated in long distance. One of the armed men tried to drive the bulldozers to launch attacks, but the coalition air strikes killed. Earlier in the day, a war in eastern Mosul, hiding in the building of the militants firing rockets into the army, resulting in an American "Abrams" main battle tank fire, to advance the tank evacuation. The offensive in the area had to be suspended. The Islamic state is believed to have 3000 people to 5000 people held in Mosul. 3, the Islamic state released a rare recording, allegedly · leader Abu · Becker; Baghdadi in the recording call of armed personnel do not retreat, defend Mosul. U.S. Middle East Forum extremist expert AI · Tamimi believes that Baghdad’s speech strongly confirms the weakness of the Islamic state. [] to combat while still in the fight, but militants occupied Mosul’s Islamic state is moving more energy from the attack on how to escape. International charity Oxfam released a 4 aerial video display extreme militants in southern Mosul) burning.相关的主题文章:

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