The incident was Uncle across the expressway from the overpass is less than 20 meters – in Beijing-pork face

The incident was Uncle across the expressway from the overpass is less than 20 meters – Tianjin Beijing North news: a week ago, a woman was injured across the road. Yesterday morning, the incident only from the last 3 kilometers, tragedy happen again, but also because of a big hit across the road. While the distance is less than 20 meters overpass. Around 8:00 yesterday, Binhai Avenue, Wanda Plaza, Hedong District in front of the door, a man crossing the road by the grey-haired car hit. Scene to see, uncle lying on the ground motionless, a shoe flew out. A silver car windshield broken. According to the car driver, when the vehicle along the Binhai Avenue by the link to downtown direction, in front of a car suddenly to avoid it, such as the silver car driver saw uncle had to dodge. At that time, the uncle will soon go to the middle of the green belt. The reporter saw Uncle fell less than 20 meters distance position there is a pedestrian overpass. In the course of the interview, the situation across the road frequently staged. A car pulled the woman walked to the Binhai Avenue Road side ready to cross the main road, the accident is to discourage aunt immediately after police found that from the bridge after. But she would not listen, trotting through the expressway to the middle of the road green belt. Upon seeing the police, immediately ran to the aunt, aunt in preparing to cross the main road to the woman stopped, and aunt arm to the side of the road of education. Just half an hour, across the road there are seven or eight cases, the majority of people crossing the elderly. In the Wanda Plaza entrance, 300 meters have 2 overpass. Why older people do not go just a flyover? Reporters interviewed 5 people over the age of 60, they think the flyover is too high, climbing up and down too tired, across the road to save energy, although dangerous, just be careful on the line. Police said the accident, expressway prohibit pedestrians and non motor vehicles on the road, in the Dongfeng Bridge Road Wanda Plaza in front of the door, the speed quickly, and the green belt of the block, pedestrian suddenly appear on the road, the driver is often difficult to take emergency measures to avoid risk. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. (North network editor Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章:

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