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Vacation-Rentals You have never planned anything! At least you could plan our honeymoon. Is that so difficult? Listen, I dream of an exotic location, where its only me and you and the sky above! Now get going! Facing the married troubles already, even before you are actually wed? Keep those worries aside and picture this: cozy warm room opening out into a private beach, the beach laden with pale sand and alluring sapphire waters and your beloved in your arms! You like that? Then the Maldives holidays are the best option for you! Really? Tell me more! Maldives, officially an archipelago of islands is truly an ecstatic location for you and your beloved! Baked with the natures addictive magnificence and poise, in the form of the white beaches and cool lagoons, pleasant weather and serenity dipped in tranquility, Maldives holidays offer as the apt site for honeymoon plans. A beautiful collection of coral reefs, the Maldives stray out across the equator on the Indian Ocean. About 90% of the country is covered by sea with about 200 atolls still inhabited. And with the picture-perfect weather- windy nights, bright sunny days, clement mornings and gleaming sunsets, staying at the Maldives is surely an experience for a lifetime. Like this place? Then get there Male, the capital of Maldives bears the only internal airport. So, you could easily board flights from either Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dubai or Kuala Lampur (Malaysia) or even Thiruvananthapuram (Kerela, India). Cruises to Maldives are not offered, though if luck favors, you may get to arrange yachts. You would need a passport to enter into the country; a 30-day tourist visa is issued (that too free of cost) and if you are in love with the location, your Maldives holidays can even be extended up to 90 days. Within the country, boats, helicopters and seaplanes are of great help, but that is only if you want to move around during your honeymoon! The weather is attractive all throughout the year, but the most ideal time is December to March. The islands are, quite naturally, the habitat to millions of marine life species ranging from small multi-colored cute fishes to rays and to huge gigantic sharks! Honeymoon in Maldives The Maldives holidays are indeed the ideal honeymoon location in the world; not just for the name sake, but for the setting and background, for the facilities and creativity, for the air and ambience that the Maldives offer to the newlyweds! Honeymoons dont just mean going out with the new partner; it revolves around getting to know your spouse even better and building a lifetime relationship in those few moments and days of the honeymoon! And Maldives sets the right backdrop for it. Suit yourselves: a dinner right under the indigo sky and twinkling stars underneath just a candle light, or wrecking yourselves in an uninhabited island nearby (remember, 200 islands are still inhabited) , just simply lazing around in your own suites and private bungalows while you adore he tranquility of the turquoise waters or treating yourselves at the soothing spas! Your honeymoon can be the way you have dreamt of! There are lots more! You could also spend some quality time swimming around your reef house, with masks and fins, or a night fishing trip or just basking under the sun on the husky beach just outside your room! Maldives holidays are not just the honeymoon package, but also for friends who want to get closer, for age-old couple wanting to re-live their love reprise or even for adventure lovers owing to the varied water sports offered! Make your choice! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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