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Jewelry-Diamonds Diamonds are rare and natural substances found in nature which is very precious. Diamonds are a gemstone which are strong and tough and can withstand severe wear and tear. Diamonds can withstand extreme pressure and very high temperatures. From the ancient times, diamonds have been considered to be precious gemstones. They have had several uses since the olden times. Centuries back, when India was a land ruled by Kings and royals, their crowns used to be studded with diamonds. The swords which they used would sometimes have diamonds studded near the grip. Even the Taj Mahal which is a beautiful monument built during the ancient days has diamonds and other precious stones embedded on it. Even today, diamonds are used as precious stones. People buy diamond necklace, diamond rings, diamond earrings, etc and flaunt them. Diamonds are durable and last for a very long time even if your other jewelry may not last. In the earlier days and even now, owning a diamond is thought to be a status symbol. Ladies like to wear diamond sets and flaunt them at parties and other occasions. .panies are making diamond watches, diamond pens and even diamond mobile phones. Watches with diamonds studded are not just a fad nowadays; they were made even some decades back. Diamond mobile phones do not really change the functionality of a mobile phone, but still these type of phones are considered a mark of prestige and poise. Some of the handbags are also embedded with diamonds for added beauty and elegance. Women have always worn diamonds to adorn themselves. Some of the diamond necklace and other diamond jewelry have simple designs. On the other hand, some of the diamond jewelry has very artistic and elaborate designs as well. Diamonds have been used in so many different products and items. Diamonds have always been a favorite choice for jewelry and adornment but apart from being used in basic jewelry they are being used in other accessories and various items as embellishments as well. In many families in India, diamond jewelry is passed down to generations. You will often find grandmothers or mothers passing on diamond sets and diamond jewelry to their daughters or grand-daughters. Many people used to have a diamond as a lucky charm also. Some astrologers also make suggestions to people to wear diamond to ward off or nullify negative influences. For astrological purposes, diamonds can be worn in any form like a ring, etc. In industries, diamonds have been used as a cutting tool also since they are so strong and hard. Diamonds have always been valued and respected since centuries. Diamonds are the best and nothing can replace or substitute diamonds. If anything, a diamond can only be replaced by another diamond! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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