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"The Great Wall" the special the Great Wall Guardian shadowless unveiled Sina entertainment news directed by Zhang Yimou hesui blockbuster gluttonous "the Great Wall" in December 16th by the national release, the film Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd, music studios [micro-blog], legendary pictures, Universal Pictures, CO produced, a collection of Matt? Damon, Tian Jing [micro-blog], Pedro Pascal? William, Dafoe, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu? [micro-blog], Luhan [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Eddie Peng, Lin update [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zheng Kai, Huang Xuan, Chen Xuedong, Wang Junkai [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and other foreign luxury Hua Zhenrong and Yu Xin Tian, Liu Bing, Li Heng might send a new actor. Following the publication of the 4 character posters, today, the film side also released a poster of the 9 characters, so far, the main role of the 13 films have been unveiled. In addition, after the introduction of conjecture of the the Great Wall Guardian have been declassified, special "the shadowless" describes the five different units composed of elite troops, they silently guarding against human gluttonous, impregnable, but not by books mentioned, do not seek high official positions and riches. As the special edition said, "selfless, fearless, shadowless, nameless, is the shadow". "The Great Wall" poster disclosed the full lineup of special mystery film the first mortgage. "The Great Wall" is mainly about the Chinese in ancient times, the shadowless to defend humanity, in the the Great Wall against the fierce beast known to the world of the story. Matt Damon plays William with fellow European mercenaries to steal gunpowder China Edgar, was also involved in this battle…… 13 other characters with distinctive posters published today, from the top of the Great Wall, to the Imperial City, and to the Gentiles who about this battle, the outcome of a few Party collective appearance, how these 13 important roles in the film? What will it do to combat? People are more curious about the story. Fortunately, buried the suspense at the same time, who is the film side exposed to the "imperial shadowless" featurette for the trailer before we answer the doubts – – the largest the Great Wall guardian? They belong to different branches of the composition by one hundred thousand veteran soldiers and able captains called "the shadow". It is divided into five armies, marked by the five animals. Xiong Bing played by Zhang Hanyu Shao Dianshuai in command, melee troops, knifed ax and Xiongshou melee. General Lin Mei Tian Jing’s army to crane as the representative, is the Army soldiers who like birds Spansion, leaping like a ferocious beast of resistance. Tiger army charged with control engineering and heavy organ, listen to Eddie Peng’s general Wu. Eagle Scout by Lin update play General Chen led a composed entirely of marksman crossbow troops. The deer army is an infantry unit, known for its speed and dexterity, and general Huang Xuan, the commander in chief of the army. Although the five forces are different, but they work closely together, from far to near the attack, in the the Great Wall on the cloth under the heavy body. Special military build-up in the the Great Wall, an avalanche, an invincible crack troops as if in front. Selfless is the shadowless shadowless ring, special five army not only represented the five beast, bear, tiger, crane, deer, hawk’s five army soldiers also put black, blue, gold, red)相关的主题文章:

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