The Great Wall at the New York Zhang Yimou meat only choose

"The Great Wall" at the New York Zhang Yimou meat: just choose the right Eddie Peng volunteered for himself and burn makeup Zhou Wentao from New York diffuse exhibition site Sina entertainment news news October 9th, North American local time on October 8th, Zhang Yimou and the film "the Great Wall" in Matt Damon, Tian Jing Pedro, [micro-blog] Pascal, [Wang Junkai micro-blog New York Expo debut], and also in front of the chat. Rarely in the United States big man show to see such "Chinese" films, live + interview is also very much aspect: new notice pointed out the plot, the gluttonous monster all over the mountains and plains of unraveling, the Great Wall "five army" also set the exposure; Zhang Yimou detailed his first Hollywood film shooting experience, Matt Damon did not forget the birthday scene mad Kurokawa Pu, Wang Junkai popularity scared foreign friends, use a lot of little meat. What is the reason? Tian Jing to respond to network controversy…… Feel: the new trailer exposure information: the Northern Song Dynasty "the battle of the five armies all over the mountains and plains are monster! The new trailer released, the story surfaced: Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal as mercenaries to "the Great Wall" caught stealing gunpowder, coincides with the 60 year cycle a gluttonous hit, extraordinary motor and archery and fight together to defeat the shadow monster. But the monster "gluttonous" shape, big and small, its action principle is similar to a "queen bee," as their core. Notice in the Great Wall under the dense crawling gluttonous impressive lens. The Great Wall under the dense "gluttonous" impressive ". The" exposure at the same time setting is undoubtedly one of the highlights, they are divided into the army against the gluttonous, bear, tiger, deer, eagles, crane five army, carry out their duties: Tiger army engineering and authority forces, manipulating the the Great Wall powerful weapons authority; Eagle Scout is archers; bear and deer in the army are responsible for melee, a heavy crane in a flexible; all female, a flying jump rope under the Great Wall kill gluttonous attack is also quite unique, as Lin Mei Tian Jing crane army generals said they are from five fingers outstretched like "Spansion Taiwan" jump like a dive. In order to look good, and in the process of leap to horizontal and vertical rotation of 360 degrees, they are using the 4.5 meter spear as a weapon. To this end, Tian Jing specially went to Losangeles training action drama, action design is what I do not think, and how to turn, the director asked very high, shoot down a lot of skill". And Lin update [micro-blog] with Eagle army generals, Huang Xuan [micro-blog] with deer army generals, and Eddie Peng [micro-blog] under the tiger Army (the services are a dozen do not wear clothes muscle weapons with high temperature metrosexual man, because the big iron ball, very hot, so Eddie Peng also offered to face add burn makeup). Zhang Hanyu [micro-blog] and Luhan [micro-blog] all membership in the bear (Luhan was not Zhang Hanyu, Lu Jun) general and Luhan decoration soldiers Peng Yong, although it is not yet a fearsome and many of the lens, is said to be from the beginning of the fear into later brave fight monsters, the role of Damon et al. Give him a lot of advice, his growth may be more important in the story of a line. Five army generals相关的主题文章:

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