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"The first grade" sun Yaoqi in the rain when the referee loura Adrian Sun Yaoqi and entertainment umbrella – Sohu loura   Sohu mango Taiwan Entertainment News "the first grade" just one episode aired online, in a competitive relationship between the students to show strong hot discussion at the same time, there are also moments of love have to point praise for all star the teacher. It is reported that, in the second episode, as a counselor of Sun Yaoqi in order to give the students will face discrimination game to release the pressure, she also volunteered as a part-time referee, with his students started a passionate football game about glory in the rain. "The first grade" football deflagrated eye sun Yaoqi rain when the referee in the Hunan satellite TV, "the first grade" the first episode in this season, as a counselor Sun Yaoqi had privately quietly for the students and teachers organize a dormitory, not only purchase plants and coffee machine, what their handwritten greeting cards on each the teacher’s room. In a move that even the poor have always been the expression of Chen Jianbin felt very happy, praising Sun Yaoqi for "the snail girl". In the second episode, in order to ease the tension of Sun Yaoqi students will face discrimination game produced, specially organized a bursting hormones olive season, Yi and Zhao Zhiwei into the team captain, led his team in the shade on the grass immediately launched a blasting eye of rugby, and Sun Yaoqi also as the incarnation of amateur referee, for students to cheer. Although the sky began to drizzle, but Sun Yaoqi has only one wire do not mind, students, counselors side show due diligence. Loura intimate umbrella "sunflower" teacher is very warm in the "love apartment" plays "Hu a" loura, inside the play is a Ganaiganhen, fiery hot chick, make a lot of friends loura my impression is between the goddess and the female man the woman warrior". However, as "the first grade" aired, the audience of loura impression is stuck in the "warm heart" and "no" shelf ", and students can mingle, and who is in her metaphor can bring positive energy" sunflower teacher". The first phase of the program because of concerns about students’ progress and rehearse the era loura, in the middle of the night collapse into tears, attracted a lot of friends call love, called ‘broken heart. After the football match, loura sitting in a game on the sidelines more caring for students rain umbrella, but his half of the body in the rain can not care, this warm heart moves by the camera to record down. "The first grade" let Sun Yaoqi and loura two red flowers, willing to green regardless of their image, so dutifully move to get users praising the warm heart. I do not know in the back of the program, the two will have what wonderful performance?相关的主题文章:

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