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The first Chinese Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Institute officially awarding breaking talent shortage in new network – new network in September 12 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter Li Jia?) September 12th, "supply chain innovation" forum in Ningbo (China) supply chain innovation academy award ceremony held in Zhejiang Ningbo, it also marks the first China supply the chain began formal operation. Map of Ningbo (Chinese) Supply Chain Innovation Institute awarding ceremony of the Education Bureau of Ningbo city Ningbo photo (China) Supply Chain Innovation Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology global supply chain and logistics network of excellence sixth supply chain innovation center, the network has been outside of the United States, Columbia, Spain, Malaysia and other countries with the Luxemburg center four. As the first China supply chain, but also the United States Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Chinese only a Supply Chain Innovation Institute, Ningbo (Chinese) supply chain innovation, settled in Ningbo, Ningbo cannot do without the fertile soil and port industrial economy this "a gilded signboard". Ningbo City Vice Mayor Chen Zhongzhao said, Hong Kong, World Book of ancient and modern, the 2015 Ningbo foreign trade import and export volume to break one hundred billion dollars, Ningbo Zhoushan port container throughput reached fourth in the world, the advantages of Ningbo port and a strong economic foundation, provides the stage for supply chain innovation institute. At present, the global enterprises have entered the competition stage of supply chain, and the supply chain, such as logistics, information flow, capital flow and so on, has become more and more important. But is the upgrading and development of China enterprise is facing a serious shortage of supply chain management talents, so the "supply chain innovation" has become many enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of tide, have resorted to a "trump card". The graph is "supply chain innovation + forum site of Ningbo City Bureau of education director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for photo transportation and logistics Yossi Jaffe said that at present many? China enterprise logistics cost is two times of the American enterprise, in the view of many logistics and warehousing enterprises, the biggest challenge is how to reduce the cost of. But this may lead to unemployment, so the real challenge is how to increase the value of enterprises. "I hope Ningbo (China) supply chain innovation school and Ningbo local enterprises to cooperate, we will try our best to provide logistics practice, the development of the supply chain management of supply chain, the shortage of talent to help enterprises better." Xie Fei Yossi said. It is reported that Ningbo (Chinese) Supply Chain Innovation Institute will gather a group of internationally renowned academic masters and innovation team, the world leading technology and R & D resources agglomeration in the field of supply chain management, the formation of an international collaborative innovation cluster, and will produce a number of innovative international talents. Today, the college opened the first master’s program, MIT – Ningbo supply chain management, the official enrollment for the world, the first enrollment of only 20. The college executive dean Liu Shaoxuan said, is expected in the autumn of 2017, the college will usher in the first batch of college students, through the introduction of MIT’s teaching methods and evaluation system, develop a global vision of international supply chain management talents, is expected to build supply chain)相关的主题文章:

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