The first 10nm ten core MediaTek Helio x30 release – Sohu digital x3210

The first 10nm ten core MediaTek Helio X30 digital mobile phone Chinese – Sohu released [news] since the launch of the new Helio Xi brand, MediaTek began to enter the high-end own dream. Unfortunately, even the two generation products both run and actual experience compared to competing products a lot less, even if is the core of the heap to 10 stars, because still process and GPU without being praised, eventually become a thousand machine standard. Recently, MediaTek finally Biechu strokes, officially released the second generation ten core processor Helio X30, has many eyes. It is understood, Helio X30 claims to be the world’s first 10nm mobile processor, still using the three set is from architecture, 2 Cortex-A73 (2.8GHz) +4 Cortex-A53 (2.3GHz) +4 Cortex-A35 (2.0GHz) core portfolio. Among them, the A73 performance is the strongest, A35 energy consumption ratio is best, located under A53. In addition to the improvement of process technology, Helio X30 upgrade on the GPU is also very gratifying. This time, Helio X30 abandoned the ancestral Mali, equipped with four core Imagination PowerVR 7XTP, and PowerVR is almost always the favorite apple core. In contrast, Helio X30 performance compared to Helio 43%, power consumption reduced by 53%, allegedly running up to 16 points can be up to. In other areas, the highest support for 8GB LPDDR4X Helio storage, support UFS 2.1 memory chip, dual ISP maximum support for the 28 million pixel camera, the 3 carrier aggregation, Cat.10LTE, 802.11ac WiFi also all support. In conclusion, the present data, Helio X30 is really awesome, then related to the actual inspection of the aircraft. We understand that Helio X30 will be in the first quarter of next year mass production. In accordance with the situation this year, MediaTek and Meizu, Meizu PRO 7 is likely to be the first Helio X30 models, the charm of friends who are restless?相关的主题文章:

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