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The emperor Yuan Shikai, Shanghai’s support and opposition [Abstract in October 30th]1915 Zheng Rucheng and Zhou Jinbiao Yuan Shikai to Shanghai Hokkaido joint call, called "V I wish the presidential palace from the public, early Dian Bunge, the heart of the people, the nations, now on Christmas Dabao, with people at home pay". In December 1915, Yuan Shikai monarchy farce official opening in Beijing, led by Sun Zhongshan, the revolutionary party did not forget a republic and the beginning of the heart, a resolute struggle with Yuan Shikai. In this struggle, Shanghai is particularly striking. Shanghai is the birthplace of the "party Opinion" to Yuan Shikai, so you become a special confidant of Zheng Shanghai guarding the. In October 30, 1915 Zheng Rucheng and Shanghai Hokkaido Zhou Jin Yuan Shikai Quanjin darts joint call, called "V I wish the presidential palace from the public, early Dian Bunge, the heart of the people, the nations, now on Christmas Dabao, with pay in people at sea". In November 10th, the revolutionary party, Wang Mingshan Wang Xiaofeng Zheng Rucheng stabbed to death. Sun Zhongshan spoke highly of this revolutionary action: "the spirit, really enough to make life to Shanghai to the thief, it can." Yuan Shikai "big sad, stop all day long". In December 5th, the revolutionary party and instigated the Chaohe uprising, attacked the Shanghai manufacturing bureau. 7, the "Daily News" published an editorial "Shanghai" called "chaos and the monarchy, Hushang chaos, authorities in the eyes of the most feared". The next day, the newspaper commented: "this government reply five warned that the monarchy movement in the true public opinion. If the inverse of public opinion, will give birth to civil strife. This is the unrest, the monarchy movement when no doubt. I do not know why the government to outsiders?" December 8th, the declaration also commented that: Shanghai incident broke out, the emperor’s political problems greatly affected, the future of the political zeal of the movement, do not ask what means, will contain dangerous, must pay attention to". Chaohe uprising has a certain influence in the country. In December 10th, "China Daily" published from Ji’nan said: "Shanghai’s warning came here greatly affected, especially in the echoing with this unexpected reactionary monarchy, quite shocked." Shanghai businessmen of the emperor Yuan Shikai also held a negative attitude. In February 6, 1916, Shanghai "Republic Daily" reported that the Shanghai businessmen have a meeting to discuss, that "the president of the Republic of China, not to the emperor, otherwise the internal and external credit all lose, why the nation on earth". After Zheng Rucheng’s assassination, Yuan Shikai in Shanghai did not stop the minions of the emperor Yuan Shikai action. In February 13, 1916, Yang Shande Yuan Shikai played electric Songhu Hujun, declared that "the emperor is my cries early large, fast cloth word." On the other hand, the reactionary authorities stepped up control of Shanghai. Yuan Shikai monarchy farce formally after the opening, Yuan Shikai government orders papers across the country will be used "Hongxian era", but Shanghai refused to carry out the newspaper. In January 23, 1916, Shanghai Police Department sent a letter to the Shanghai Daily Press Association, "Shanghai to the retribution of Hongxian era, and referred to the newspaper today as if within three days, and not as change, all circles in China only prohibit sale, and newspapers will be confiscated." The Yuan government by the Shanghai newspaper retroaction, progress in some way against the published notice.相关的主题文章:

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