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The divorce agreement was negotiated? Julie said the 6 children has been the sole custody of Julie and Peter (data plan) in November 8, according to foreign media reports, on behalf of the American actress Angelina Julie at local 7, said in a statement released, Julie and Brad Pitt, the two sides have reached an agreement, two of the 6 children would continue to care alone by Julie, Peter only have visitation rights. According to reports, according to the statement, Julie and Pitt reached the agreement in more than a week ago. The statement did not provide further details on the relevant agreement. For this statement, a representative of Pitt declined to comment. And on the two day before the announcement, Peter Julie divorce application to make a legal response to seek the joint custody of the 6 children. Reported that, because Julie said the agreement is not included in the divorce petition, it is not necessarily the final result of the allocation of custody of children. In September 20th this year, the U.S. actress Angelina Julie announced the news of divorce application to her husband, Brad Pitt. The end of the month, two people reached a temporary agreement on custody of the 6 children, will be temporarily custody by Julie and Pitt have visitation rights.相关的主题文章:

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