The car must look at these positions be fooled 4S (video)

The car must look at these positions be fooled car 4S shop more precautions run in period six big taboo to note on the car, there are some people who are only concerned about the appearance, power, interior, other small details will be ignored, and a more careful, he will lie under the car observation, open the trunk to see look at the door, at the junction of the attention to detail, love is a good thing, from the details to see the factory cars carefully, buy comfortable. Do you have these "details" in your car? The trunk lid we know just where the items stored in the trunk, but it is a means of escape. The use of sound insulation decoration than trunk lid insulation cotton on it, those who have felt good suede package, not only increase the high-grade atmosphere, and appropriately increase the weight of the trunk lid, the switch handle, poor production will make people uncomfortable. Battery battery battery protection sheath is covered with a protective sleeve will be very good, to prevent the battery by the impact of high temperature, the battery temperature is too high to shorten it, cut off the heat transfer between the engine and the battery, play a very good protective effect. Then there will be fans asked, why not have a sheath? Did you see a positive to red, and in his top frame is also a black, because the electrode is directly connected with the frame and the frame, if encounter positive words, negative battery short-circuit, this problem does not exist. The engine hood like a how to clean up the house, in a blink of an eye to see out of order, the wire line is very large, many manufacturers will be in the engine compartment with bubbles, it seems not only beautiful, but also better care. The hood insulation cotton insulation cotton, in addition to reducing engine noise, it can also prevent paint aging due to high temperature of engine cover. There is no noise insulation cotton in the short term there will be no problem, but after a long time, the color of the hood may be lighter than the color of the body. The engine sound if you look inside the engine compartment, each metal surface joint work, some models also have sound insulation cotton comprehensive coverage in these metal plate, do not underestimate these materials, it can play a little noise and heat for it. If you do not have DIY you can do, but pay attention to safety. The trunk of sound vibration this is very secretive, people don’t notice, but as long as you set off the bottom of the trunk carpet manufacturers will be able to see whether the heart, some covered with rubber vibration plate, or only a part, and some not at all. The chassis vibration processing including the trunk, floor, wing and other parts, the trunk is the most easy to see, a car overall noise level through it can look around. The front of the front shock absorber tower is the front structure, and the front shock absorber bears a large load. If there is a damper top reinforcement ring, can prolong the life of the top part, after the reinforcement, the resonance has been greatly suppressed (decided fastener thickness), the stability of high speed is improved, with slow voice of luxury cars around. This can be done by yourself.相关的主题文章:

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