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The bus company on the 100 thousand against 500 yuan coins can change a hour bus company change window staff is counting the change. Newspaper reporter Zhao Xingchao photo recently, some banks in Tai’an on the new money changer, to businesses, the public to provide convenient way to change the exchange, but far from meeting the demand. Bank counter change difficult, is still a common situation. Bus company became a change in the second bank, the average daily turnover of about $100 thousand. Some store owners urgently change, from the Internet to find the change of online shopping channels, this approach is also suspected of violating the law and may suffer losses. Bank money changer has not been popular after the change of money do not go to the counter booking line, with the exchange machine on the exchange of self-help." 3, 2009, the Bank of China branch in Tai’an business hall, the new change on the machine, so that the public. Reporters learned from the Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other banks, in order to alleviate the problem of change in exchange, the Bank of Tai’an on the new self exchange machine, convenient for the public to handle the change of business. The self – help exchange machine has the function of exchanging paper money to exchange paper money, paper money, coins, coins, coins and paper money, and the exchange range covers three kinds of denominations of RMB 1, the 5 angle and the 1 angle, and the denomination of the notes. The public can according to their own needs to exchange cash into paper, coin exchange machine, click in the page on the operation screen, select the entire self against zero or zero against the whole. "There is a change machine is certainly convenient for those of us who often need to change, it is not convenient, you have to sit a few stops to the bank to exchange." A supermarket boss Liang Zong street near the second said, only to see the change in both banks exchange machine self-service outlets, not seen in other banking outlets, self-service teller machines like change to exchange machine as popular self-help. 500 yuan more than the number of hours a few hours ago, the boss has a change in demand, the bank and other factors such as service costs are difficult to meet the needs of the public transport company has become the main channel for the public to change. Wholesale market, Mr. Liu, almost every week to change for worry. Liu to find out every day to change to one hundred or two hundred yuan, although also received a change, but not enough to find out. Run more than the number of banks, the bank staff almost all know Mr. Liu, but often do not change the appointment. Little change in the income of the small supermarket boss, but also face the difficulty of zero against the whole. The train station supermarket owner Mr. Zhao said that the turnover is half a change, carrying a few pounds to the bank exchange often do not give change, had time to take eighty ten change to change, but also their first order. The bank staff, to change business impact for other business, "last week, a small supermarket boss to change, took more than and 500 yuan coins, banknotes, three of us a few hours before the end point, business counter only had a backlog of more than and 20. No. three, customer complaints." A bank staff said Dongyue street. On the one hand, the bank is difficult to exchange, while the public is in urgent demand, in this case, the Tai’an public transport company has become a public exchange of the second bank". Bus company set up a special change window, there are more than and 30 people each.相关的主题文章:

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