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Home-Improvement David Pinsley is the Vice President and Senior Designer of First Rate Renovations, Inc., which is located in San Leandro California, and serves the entire Oakland area in particular. According to Pinsley, natural marble looks beautiful, but it can stain and chip easily, and requires a lot of TLC. Cultured marble products, on the other hand, are more durable and a lot easier to take care of. Cultured marble are manmade products made from limestone mixed with synthetic resins, and are suitable for any bathroom as they are so easy to take care of. This product is a fantastic substance from which to manufacture baths, sinks, wall panels, whirlpool baths, back splashes and more. It holds up better than natural marble, is more resistant to staining, and can be easily fixed if it chips (which is rare). Easy to Keep Clean I re.mend polishing your cultured marble once a year with a cultured marble polish. Its a cleaner/polish that cleans and waxes all in one. Throughout the rest of the year, all youll need to do is wipe it down. No chemicals are required to keep cultured marble clean, so the only thing you need to clean cultured marble with is a little soap and water. You may also need a squirt of window cleaner; then all you have to do is wipe it off. If you have a shower manufactured from cultured marble, then use a squeegee after you take a shower. And then wipe the area down with a window cleaner. That is all youll need to do. In fact, abrasive materials are harmful to cultured marble. Hard deposits that collect on a bathroom wall or shower tray can be dissolved with vinegar. More Resistant to Staining We have our own factory and make all of our cultured marble products there. When we manufacture cultured marble, we take our material and pour it in a mold. The first thing we do before we pour the material into a mold is shoot a gel coat on top of it, sprayed on with a gun, about 25- to 30-ml thick. Our product has a shiny surface, not a matte finish. That shiny surface is basically the gel coat, which creates a barrier to help protect it. Thanks to its gel coat, cultured marble is more stain-resistant than real marble. As natural marble is porous it soaks up things easily, but cultured marble will not absorb color from shampoos, dyes and other substances .mon in a bathroom. We are sure you would be delighted with any of our cultured marble products. Call us today or .e down and have a look at our products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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