The bedroom and ears of Van Gogh the eternal art and new speculation spyair

The bedroom and ears of Van Gogh: the eternal art and new speculation   Vincent, the Vatican, "self portrait ears bandaged" (Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, 1889).                           Courtesy the Courtauld Gallery, photo: London (Vincent van Gogh, a high) short life left many unsolved puzzles for future generations, in addition to his groundbreaking painting creation, and his bedroom, Dutch act, and he cut off his ear madness. Recently, there are two new theories (or evidence), Brahma, high masterpiece "the bedroom" (The Bedroom, 1889) and the Vatican, ear height, more dramatic. While these findings are from a newly written biography, "South High Vatican Studio: Vatican Gow in Provence" (Studio of the South:Van Gogh in Provence) author Martin Berri (Martin Bailey) proposed. The famous "the bedroom", small bed Van Gogh, is also the new evidence that in Holland a small town or really Van Gogh painted bed. Van Gogh said that because the ears, brother get married? The Vatican, high cut ears of this terrible has so many self injurious behavior of art lovers and historians is full of curiosity, but recently it is another article on the matter of fresh baked Theory — he is because he knew his brother’s wedding to make this frenzy. According to "the guardian" reported in a forthcoming book "the Vatican and studio: high in Provence" (Studio of the South:Van Gogh in Provence), Martin Berri (Marti Bailey) cited a series of facts prove that the Vatican and high in December 23, 1888, is to cut off the day with your ears received a letter from Theo, that the Vatican high (Theo van Gogh) and Joanna Bergner (Johanna Bonger). (the book also claims to have found a total of three versions of the Vatican, high famous painting "the bedroom" in bed). Joanna, the Vatican high (Johanna van Gogh-Bonger) boegner. Photograph: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Vincent, the Vatican library including high letters a letter sent to the January 9, 1889 letter, in which Bergner attached a copy of the official statement of engagement. Berri said he also found some of Theo’s earlier letter T相关的主题文章:

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