The bar like Thai Restaurant Miss Ma – and early adopters of Sohu winlinez

When the bar like Thai Restaurant Miss Ma – Sohu and early adopters of the weekend, my friends and I went to Sanlitun to play, stroll onto the red street, accidentally turned to the side of the street is not red street, see the restaurant, in fact, I thought it was a bar, wanted to drink what sit for a moment, feeling good results come in after the first drinks chat, also called a few friends come together, the results change meal. First look at the environment map: the door is a wall that, although not really spend it, but also green, well-proportioned. There is a fire hydrant from the flower, but it does not affect the overall feeling. On the counter, the shape is very special lights, there are a bunch of open red wine stopper. A bunch of small flowers, let this has all things withered season more than a touch of bright colors. Simple and conform to no conventional pattern. Simple and colorful plate. The original idea is to drink a cup, the results can not see such a good environment can not come to a glass of wine, so… Well, I just want to say, the wine is really good, clear, a good cup hanging gently shake, smelling compound fruit, drink a small mouth, rich fruit in full circulation, the tannin composition has very little, deliberately let the wine turn in the mouth several times, so that each part of the tongue contact the wine liquid, feeling sour, sweet, bitter, salty taste different is really fun. The boss recommended good, I feel the boss is also a person who knows wine. Please ignore the little hand, you cannot expect I have lost it, and always, the wine must have a la carte, for cheese lovers, with red wine, of course to cheese assorted cold dishes, Parmesan, big hole, snowball, cheddar, have some feta. One of the most love should be Parmesan, this Italy cheese tastes a rich fruit aroma, slightly yellowish color, with red wine that’s really great. Snowball overall taste is too light, the individual is not very fond of. The big hole is a famous Swiss cheese, estimated at any time the appearance rate is the highest, I estimate the deepest impression on him is who moved my cheese that book, it is almost the first time a small and intuitive understanding of my cheese. There is a large hole in a triangle. His taste is mild, containing the aroma of nuts and cream. The disadvantage is that this cut, can not see is a big hole, it is better to cut into thin slices will have a greater sense of hole. The car was also called some people love cheddar, a British cheese taste, usually 9 months will be slightly sweet, 24 months will be strong. The whole cheese is softer. Feida is a made from goat or sheep milk, soft cheese in brine pickle, now also eat more, has become synonymous with goats’milk cheese. In another, you can figure out which is what kind of cheese, you can guess. Next, a hair get out of hand, or after and then began to eat something directly, even dinner. Malacca chicken put the chicken claw directly off the bone, then the juice there southeast do, spicy fresh, and tastes very chewy, 0相关的主题文章:

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