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The -20 began "violent flight" super maneuver can bring many advantages? Last week, a group of fighters -20 fighter low altitude aerobatics video. The test flight of two fighters -20 fighters in a painted yellow paint, another plane is empty and gray paint. According to a recent test annihilates -20 annihilates -20 already loaded troops and a lot of rumors, before officially announced, we can not judge these rumors of what is true and what is false. It can be inferred that the first equipment f -20, should be responsible for our new models of textbook compilation, tactical air force flight trial forces. From the video, we can see the -20 show a low flying fighter with excellent performance, especially the minimum radius of gyration. To a certain extent confirmed before about f -20 on par with some dynamic characteristics of American F-16A statement. In fact, maneuverable fighter is a very complicated problem, for ordinary readers, perhaps only "two generation" and "the three generation" (according to the now popular generation that corresponds to the MIG -21F-104 and MIG -23F-4 respectively) on speed and flexibility; "four generation" is the outstanding maneuverability. This very brief statement. In fact, this problem is too complicated, in fact, the four generation of the engine due to the performance of the engine, its high altitude performance is not only worse than the previous generation, but to a large extent is better than the "two generation, the three generation". However, most of the fourth generation fighter emphasizes subsonic combat performance, because this is most of the actual situation occurred in 80s. Early four generation machine, such as F-16A also stressed that this is because the rate of stable hover, to combat cannon or at short-range air-to-air missile attack to action, to be able to track enemy time to launch a missile or fire. But in the four generation machine stage, such as the -10, gust, typhoon, the eagle lion duck wing becomes stressed that instantaneous turn rate, can quickly turn a large angle in lasted only one or two seconds, this is because the period of combat missile have powerful big off-axis angle the ability to launch, as long as the head of the enemy for a short time, can reach the launch conditions. By the time the five generation of the development of the United States, the United States proposed super maneuver". Cobra maneuver schematic many ordinary people understand the super maneuver, that is, the Soviet Union -37, and later the kind of Su -35 performances, almost no limit in the sky to turn around the action. From the beginning of the Su -27 "Cobra" action, then the "pendulum", "Falun", and even F-22, Su -35 and other models performed "falling leaf". This is actually the "post stall maneuver", namely the plane in speed is very low, the wing almost does not produce enough lift, aerodynamic wing is almost impossible to provide normal operating force situation, mainly rely on the excellent body aerodynamic design, with the engine thrust vector technology to maintain control of the aircraft. However, what is the role of these maneuvers, in fact, there are still divergent views. However, in the United States and the Soviet Union F-15 air force -30MKI practice, it happened embarrassing scene. Sue -30M.相关的主题文章:

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