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The 1 floor corridor of fire smoke billowing from the 6 floor of the old couple regardless of burn – knocking on doors in Beijing newspaper on October 14th – 10 days, Harbin five Daoli District Street No. 8 latitude 2 units on the first floor of a pile of paper shell fire, smoke filled the entire corridor, living in the unit room 602, Yang Dongliang and his wife Li Qing Rong in time found the danger, the two old people disregard old, braved the smoke from door to door neighbor knocked on the door, eventually evacuated safely. It is understood that the 10 day at 12:40 PM, Yang Dongliang and his wife Li Qingrong is at home, suddenly smelled a pungent smell of smoke, and more and more concentrated, so Yang Dongliang opened the door, saw the corridor smoke, the two old people quickly while clutching his nose, while the door-to-door neighbors call. Yang Dongliang fumbled two floor to see the flame to the first floor, found a pile of paper shell in flames, and burned more prosperous, he rushed out of the entrance, ran to the nearby Orient Guest House resort waiter alarm. In less than 5 minutes, the fire brigade arrived at the fire. As a result of the alarm in time, the 8 storey residential building built in 1993 to keep, and none of the 17 residents were injured, no one property was lost. However, when the neighbors found the two old people on the face and hands are red, and they will be sent to the hospital outpatient department of Harbin fifth. After examination, Yang Dongliang was diagnosed with face, hand burns two degrees, area of 3%. His wife Li Qingrong face, left hand burns two degrees, an area of 1%, the doctor in time for them to clear the wound dressing. Get after disposal, the two old people heard a reporter to interview, hastily said: "we are both Party members, in time of danger just the thing to do, the building All is well. good neighbors." He left the hospital. It is understood that the old Yang Dongliang is retired from the latitude office, Li Qingrong is from the Daoli District Civil Affairs Bureau of retired people, two old members are 50 years of Party standing. (Tian Shaodong Wang, Huoying)相关的主题文章:

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