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Neonatal microcephaly – International – original title for the first time in Thailand confirmed Zika virus causes: Thailand first diagnosed Zika virus causes neonatal microcephaly on 30 September, Xinhua news agency, Bangkok (reporter Li Ying) Thailand Ministry of Public Health says 30 days, Thailand has two cases of neonatal microcephaly cases diagnosed as Zika virus. WHO said on that day, this is the first case of Southeast Asia found microcephaly associated with Zika virus infection. Local media reported earlier this week, the Thailand Department of public health research for 4 suspected and Zika virus associated malformation cases, the final diagnosis in two cases of microcephaly is caused by Zika virus. At present, including Thailand, including a number of Southeast Asian countries are increasing the frequency of infection. Since January this year, Thailand has confirmed 349 cases of HIV infection, including a total of 33 pregnant women. The United States Centers for Disease Control and prevention was released 29 days in 11 countries in southeast of the walled card is especially recommended for pregnant women travel advice, to postpone nonessential travel in these countries, including Brunei, Burma, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, East Timor and vietnam. The virus is spread mainly through mosquito bites, and sexual contact is also a route of transmission. Pregnant women once infected, may cause fetal abnormalities, microcephaly and deformity. There are no effective therapies and vaccines. (commissioning editor Xu Xiangli and Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章:

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