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"Terminator 2" after 3D completed Arno Cameron film Sohu Cameron entertainment fitness watch and Arno share the cake, taste tea China Sohu entertainment news before the famous Hollywood director James Cameron and actress Arno – Schwarzenegger DMG chairman of the Indian media Ji Wu Bing invited to his home in Beverly Hills, located in Losangeles, to celebrate the "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" version of 3D successfully completed post production. The eight month 3D transformed by Cameron personally completed under the supervision of, day, Wu Bing in the "Terminator 2" theme to create panoramic sound private auditorium and the Cameron and Arno together to watch the 3D version of the final piece. On the same day coincides with the traditional Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, Cameron and Arno also shared with the moon cake, tasting Chinese tea, Chang chat Chinese culture, and the Chinese culture, and the Chinese culture, and the Chinese culture, and so on. DMG India Ji media together in Hollywood director Cameron, using the latest 3D topped the global SeteroD conversion technology, in "Terminator 2" 25 anniversary of the 3D version of "Terminator 2" into Chinese. To celebrate the day, Cameron, Arno and Wu Bing together in the past 8 months to do 3D version of "Terminator 2" experiences "fought". After determining the idea of change, Wu Bing had invited Arno to visit the home of Cameron, expressed his own to the Terminator 2 transformed into 3D version of the idea. Said Wu Bing, released in 1991, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was Chinese fans blood memories "video hall" era, the concept of science fiction and science and technology developed over careful consideration, especially in today is worth thinking, she chose one of the film’s important reason. Cameron and Arno also recalled that when shooting. Arno broke the news that, in fact, Cameron is a locomotive teenager, which is their common hobby, it is because of love and understanding, in order to make such a wonderful car chase drama. Cameron Tucao Arno is a shopaholic. Cameron said, this is the first time that he and China direct cooperation, and choose the main reason DMG India Ji media is that they understand my thoughts, they with me in the film making standards of quality requirements with the same point of view. China has repeatedly due to the work of film and propaganda Arno scene play big heart, to show the cards to pour tea to tap the table ‘Guixie’ of the tea ceremony. In recent years, DMG in the global gathering of top writers for Hollywood to develop different types of content. Last year, the company for the Hollywood offers suspense horror themes of the "evocation" and "Annabel" series. The "Annabel 1" is the highest profits in 2014 Hollywood movie; "1" evocation of box office gains the year 320 million dollars; "2" in June this year, the North American release evocation, released in the period before three in box office. Other films include dawn Johnson and Zach by Efron starring "Baywatch" (2017), by the 100 bullet Tom starring Hardy "(in preparation).相关的主题文章:

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