Ten years old Cinda fund shares based on shrinking the size of cargo base to carry the banner of sca-ca1810

Ten years old: Cinda fund shares based on shrinking the size of cargo base to carry the banner of sina fund scale exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Editor’s note: from 1998, China’s first fund company was established, dating back nearly twenty years, the public fund industry has experienced a growth period, the golden period of development, each fund company has its own development story. 2016, 5 fund companies into the age of ten years, although they had stood on the same starting line, but after 10 years, the fund is different. Chinese network finance from the perspective of the scale of asset management, fund performance, fund companies and other personnel changes of ten years of development, launched the "ten year old fund ups and downs recorded" column, the US is concerned, Cinda fund. China financial network September 29th news (reporter Zhang Mingjiang) Cinda fund was established in June 5, 2006, the initial stage that time coincided with the bull market, the public fund management scale collective jump. Cinda fund set up two years ago, only a Cinda leading growth fund, the fund size had the highest 21 billion 933 million yuan. But after 2008, the size of the fund continues to shrink, has shrunk over 90%. Involvement, Cinda fund management scale to the continued downturn in the fourth quarter of 2015, with the size of the fund currency jumped to return to 10 billion yuan, but Cinda fund fund is nearly half the size of less than 100 million yuan. Its shares continued to shrink the scale of carry cargo base base banner Cinda fund set up two years ago, the company’s only Cinda leading growth fund, the fund was established in the first quarter of 2007, when the end of the season the fund size of 8 billion 474 million yuan, to the end of the three quarter of 2007 the fund size increased to 21 billion 933 million yuan, which is the peak of Cinda fund the scale of management. After the fourth quarter of 2007, the fund continued to decline in size, to the end of the two quarter of 2016, the fund size of only more than $1 billion 462 million, compared with the size of the largest shrink over 90%. 10 years, Cinda fund has issued 14 funds during the issuance are not ideal, Cinda fund management scale only in the fourth quarter of 2009 was second times exceeded 10 billion yuan, but then fell again, in the next 6 years, Cinda fund management scale been hovering at 5 billion yuan to 4 billion 681 million yuan, the lowest ever. The three quarter of 2015 after the collapse of the stock market, the transfer of funds to the fixed income fund, Cinda fund with money funds and bond funds scale’s growth, management scale exceeded 10 billion yuan mark again. As of the end of the two quarter, Cinda fund’s Monetary Fund and bond fund size increased significantly, A C Cinda Hui housekeeper E share of the total size of 6 billion 407 million yuan, Cinda A credit debt size also increased to 1 billion 378 million yuan, becoming the company’s largest two fund, Cinda fund management scale has once again exceeded 10 billion yuan reached 11 billion 377 million yuan. W theory相关的主题文章:

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