Ten kinds of coddling endangering children’s life-remonstrate

Ten kinds of self harm children’s parents doting parents know the life is not to spoil their children, not only to help children grow, but will play a bad influence, but most parents couldn’t tell what is spoiled, more do not understand their own to educate their children. If there are spoiled. Coddling is a kind of love that loses reason and directly devastate the physical and mental health of children. The special treatment status of 1. children in a cut above others in the family, always enjoy special care, such as eat food independence and good food put in front of him to enjoy for him; "only child", but grandparents can be the birthday child’s birthday gift to buy a big cake…… This will make the child feel special, the habit of high rank, the inevitable becoming selfish, no sympathy, no concern for others. 2. pay too much attention to the family’s constant attention to him and to accompany him. The Chinese Lunar New Year, friends and relatives to coax out laughing is funny, sometimes adults to sit in a circle surrounded him in the center, once again welcome the child performances, applause. Such a child will think that he is a center, and it does become a "little sun". Family members must go around him, and all day long they are restless and distracted. 3. easy to meet the children to what to give. Some parents give children and pupils a lot of money, so that the satisfaction of the children is more easily realized. This kind of child must develop not to treasure the goods, to pay attention to material enjoyment, to waste money and not to be considerate of others’ character, and to have no patience and hardship. 4. life is slack to allow children to daily life, learn to play without rules, do what you want, do not eat, sleep, daytime lazing, night watching TV at night. Such children grow up to lack of ambition, curiosity, a restless work youshiwuzhong, muddle along. 5. pray for children to beg for example side to side to eat and sleep, the children promised to tell 3 stories to dinner. The child’s psychology is, the more you begged him, the more he kittenish, not only can not distinguish between right and wrong, cultivate a sense of responsibility and liberal and dignified personality, and the prestige of education is lost. Today’s topic: are you strict with your children? Give your views to our WeChat public number Q pioneer treasure "in the background, a chance to win attractive gifts ~ 6. acting on their behalf I asked some mother or child labor requirements, some have said:" I have no time to pain, but also let the child labor?" Some said, "it’s more troublesome to call little things than I do for him." So the three or four year old children to feed, can not dress, five or six year old children don’t do any housework, do not know how the pleasure of labor will help reduce the burden on parents, so they will lose a hard-working, kind-hearted, compassionate child. It’s never sensational. The 7. fuss originally "the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger", the child is not afraid of water, not afraid of black, not afraid of wrestling, not afraid of the pain. After his wrestling often make no reply to continue to climb up. Then why did some children be afraid to cry? It is often caused by the parents and grandparents, children showed confound pain, the final result is not to let her parents spoil children leave step. These children are branded with cowardice. 8. deprivation of independence for absolute safety, parents do not let the children out of the house, and he is not allowed to play with other children. What is more, the child has become a "small tail" moment can not leave the parents or the elderly step, sleep, according to sit on the back; fear melts in your mouth and spit out of fear of flying away. This child will become timid and incompetent, self-confidence, develop a psychological dependence, also tend to become "the tiger", run amuck in the home, outside causing serious flaws as timid as a mouse. 9. fear of crying because of the child moved from childhood, children in the absence of crying, not to eat to threaten their parents. The doting parents have to coax, surrender, comply, and move. The fear of the child crying parents are incompetent parents; and parents of children will become ruthless indifferent, in character sow the selfish, heartless, willful and lack of self-control seeds. 10. on the face of the face to protect the child sometimes, mother guard: "don’t be too strict, he is still small." Some parents teach their children. Grandma will stand up and say, "you can’t ask for too much urgency. If he is older, he will be better." when you were young, you were far from him. Of course, such a child is "unable to teach". Because he has no idea of right and wrong, and always has "umbrella" and "refuge". The consequences not only distort children’s character, but also sometimes cause family disharmony. The above 10 kinds of form of spoil is an example of a typical, not every family all have, but most families will share several in a variety of spoiled, or have mild performance is also worthy of attention, we should take the scientific love to protect the healthy growth of children.

父母自检 十种溺爱危害孩子一生当今父母都知道溺爱孩子是不对的,不但不会帮助孩子成长,反而会起到不良影响,可是大多数家长却分不清什么是溺爱,更不了解自己对孩子的教育过程中是否存在溺爱。溺爱是一种失去理智,直接摧残儿童身心健康的爱。1. 特殊待遇孩子在家庭中的地位高人一等,处处享受特殊照顾,如吃“独食”,好的食品放在他面前供他一人享用;过“独生”,爷爷奶奶可以不过生日,孩子过生日得买大蛋糕,送礼物……这样会让孩子感到自己特殊,习惯高人一等,必然变得自私,没有同情心,不会关心他人。2. 过分注意一家人无时无刻的关照他,陪伴他。过年过节,亲戚朋友来了也是嘻笑逗哄个没完,有时候大人坐一圈把他围在中心,一再欢迎孩子表演节目,掌声不断。这样的孩子会认为自己是中心,确实变成“小太阳”了。家人都要围着他转,并且一天到晚不得安宁,注意力极其分散,“人来疯”也特别严重,甚至客人来了闹得没法谈话。3. 轻易满足孩子要什么就给什么。有的父母还给幼儿和小学生很多零花钱,这样孩子的满足就更轻易实现了。这种孩子必然养成不珍惜物品、讲究物质享受、浪费金钱和不体贴他人的性格,并且毫无忍耐和吃苦精神。4. 生活懒散允许孩子饮食起居、玩耍学习没有规律,要怎样就怎样,睡懒觉,不吃饭,白天游游荡荡,晚上看电视到深夜等。这样的孩子长大后缺乏上进心、好奇心,做人得过且过,做事心猿意马,有始无终。5. 祈求央告例如边哄边求孩子吃饭睡觉,答应给孩子讲3个故事才把饭吃完。孩子的心理是,你越央求他,他就越扭捏作态,不但不能明辨是非,培养不出责任心和落落大方的性格,而且教育的威信也丧失殆尽。今日话题:你平时对孩子的要求严格吗?把你的看法发到我们微信公众号“Q宝先锋”的后台来,有机会获得精美好礼~ 6. 包办代替我曾问一些妈妈,要不要求孩子劳动,有的竟说:“我疼都来不及,还忍心让孩子劳动?”也有的说:“叫‘小东西’做事更麻烦,还不如我帮他做了。”所以三、四岁的孩子还要喂饭,还不会穿衣,五、六岁的孩子还不做任何家务事,不懂得劳动的愉快也不会帮助父母减轻负担,这样包办下去,必然失去一个勤劳、善良、富有同情心的孩子。这决不是耸人听闻。7. 大惊小怪本来“初生牛犊不怕虎”,孩子不怕水,不怕黑,不怕摔跤,不怕病痛。摔跤以后往往自己不声不响爬起来继续玩。后来为什么有的孩子胆小爱哭了呢?那往往是父母和祖父母造成的,孩子有病痛时表现惊慌失措,娇惯的最终结果是孩子不让父母离开一步。这些孩子就打下懦弱的烙印了。8. 剥夺独立为了绝对安全,父母不让孩子走出家门,也不许他和别的小朋友玩。更有甚者,把孩子变成了“小尾巴”,时刻不能离开父母或老人一步,抱着睡,依着坐,驮在背上走;含在嘴里怕融化,吐出来怕飞走。这样的孩子会变得胆小无能,丧失自信,养成依赖的心理,还往往成为“把门虎”,在家里横行霸道,到外面胆小如鼠,造成严重性格缺陷。9. 害怕哭闹由于从小迁就孩子,孩子在不顺心时以哭闹、不吃饭来要挟父母。溺爱的父母就只好哄骗,投降,依从,迁就。害怕孩子哭闹的父母是无能的父母;打骂爸妈的孩子会变成无情的逆子,在性格中播下了自私、无情、任性和缺乏自制力的种子。10. 当面袒护有时爸爸管孩子,妈妈护着:“不要太严了,他还小呢。”有的父母教孩子,奶奶会站出来说话:“你们不能要求太急,他大了自然会好的;你们小的时候,还远远没有他好呢!”这样的孩子当然是“教不了”啦!因为他全无是非观念,而且时时有“保护伞”和“避难所”,其后果不仅使孩子的性格扭曲,有时还会造成家庭的不和睦。以上10种溺爱的形式是比较典型的实例,不是每个家庭全部都有的,但是一般家庭在各种溺爱中会占有几种,或各种都有轻度表现也是值得警惕的,我们要以科学的爱来保护孩子的健康成长。相关的主题文章:

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