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Telecommunications fraud fraud radical cure a large number of personal information is cheap to sell – prospective college students, Xu Lianbin, because of the cost of cheating optical unfortunately passed away, the child received a telecommunications fraud cheated her mother treated money…… Recently one after another exposure of telecommunications fraud, let the life rhythm of the nervous people took a more anxious and uneasy. Statistics show that nearly ten years, China’s telecommunications fraud cases each year to the rapid growth of 20% to 30%. 2015 national public security organs filed a total of 590 thousand cases of telecommunications fraud, an increase of 32.5%, resulting in economic losses of up to $about 22000000000. In 2016, the criminal fraud is impossible to guard against technical retrofit. Despite the government’s heavy attack, a large extent to curb the trend of high incidence, but in everyday life, there are still a lot of people are often harassed by telephone fraud. So why is it difficult to cure telecommunications fraud harassment? Bottleneck in the end where? When to return to the social civilization of a civilization, so that people in a sincere and peaceful environment. Question – why the serious loss of legal norms so many telephone fraud? "It is a lot of personal information was leaked. Due to the protection of personal information legislation is lagging behind, resulting in a large number of personal information sold cheap. The anti fraud provisions of criminal law, administrative regulations, public security detention penalties and other measures are not perfect, but also caused a very low cost of illegal. Blow to these people, most of them can only be detained by public security administration, can not effectively deter criminals." Shenzhen "Jing Bao" editorial board member Hou Xiaoqing held in the days before the year 2016 "China mobile phone anti harassment fraud alliance summit said. He said, harassing telephone fraud is called "psoriasis", but is not no cure. Taiwan, Singapore have been troubled by it, but after the comprehensive treatment of legislation, has been basically put an end to. "Jing Bao" sent reporters to Taiwan, Singapore and other places outside the interview, learn, the conclusion is that legislation first, mobile phone real name system, the strict protection of personal information. In Singapore, if the enterprises and individuals to disclose the information to others, can be fined 1 million dollars, the highest penalty 200 million Taiwan new money and sentenced to 5 years. The board does not hurt does not itch Gu Yuhui is Shenzhen anti telecommunications network fraud center responsible person, he told the science and Technology Daily reporter interview, said: the biggest difficulty in law enforcement is difficult to obtain evidence, difficult to catch. Information fraud occurs mostly in cyberspace, a telephone, a WeChat, a message may put your money cheated, but do not know who is a liar, evidence is very difficult." He said that the earliest criminal in the scam after withdrawal will leave video and other clues. However, the recent credit card through the POS machine cash phenomenon is very serious, POS now is a wireless mobile video, not available. In addition, the third party payment is very developed, the country has more than and 200 Party Payment institutions, money into the capital after the payment of the third party chain is broken on the third. "The chain of evidence is not on, clearly know it is in the background of criminals, but no evidence can’t catch." He said. In addition, it is difficult to catch the hard evidence, Gu Yuhui said another reason is the lagging of legislation..相关的主题文章:

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