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UnCategorized Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to stage your San Fernando Valley real estate to accentuate your home’s strengths and downplay its weaknesses so that your home makes a good first impression and appeals to a large pool of buyers: Store, box and toss any items that clutter your home. You know what they say, less is more. Buyers need to be able to visualize the room sizes and square footage of your home. They cannot do that if you have too much clutter. Start by admitting that you have too much stuff and do something about it one room at a time. The goal is to create a spacious atmosphere. Clean and organize. Start with kitchen cabinets, drawers, bathroom drawers and closets. Organized areas look appealing to buyers. Remove everything from the kitchen counters except the toaster and coffee maker. Cleaning is extremely important as well. Hire a professional cleaning service and don’t forget windows as well. A clean home gives buyers the impression that the house is being well maintained and cared for. Use colorful baskets and magazine racks to hold and organize books and magazines. Color makes a room look updated and fresh. Move furniture away from the walls with pathways for walking around the furniture. It will make the room feel larger and more spacious. Move accessories and artwork as well to new places in your home. For instance, take the chair that was in the living room into the bedroom. It will make it the room look new and it costs you nothing. Remove excess family photos and make the home look less personal. Highlight the key features in each room and make sure you are not blocking them with plants or other furnishings. Freshly paint and spruce up any rooms that need it. Use neutral colors. A fresh coat of paint helps make the room look clean, updated and more spacious. A good tip to make a room look larger is to paint the walls the same color as the adjacent room. Use pillows, flowers and candles to give the room color and fragrance. Avoid using any scents that are overpowering though. Vanilla is a nice scent that appeals to both men and women. When you are showing the house, turn on classical music or jazz. Don’t forget the outside of your home. Trim shrubs and bushes, plant some pretty flowers, fix any broken fences and paint the outside if needed. Add outdoor lighting. Curb appeal is important. First impressions do count. In such a .petitive real estate market we are experiencing in the Encino, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and North Hollywood areas, home staging is a great way to set your home apart from the rest of the .petition and make it enticing for buyers to want to move into. The above techniques are easy for you to turn your home quickly into the hottest home on the block without spending a lot of money and time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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