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Tang Yan changed the image of palace douju sweet debut     "Jinxiu Weiyang" interpretation of "a two life" Wonderwoman – Shandong channel — people.com.cn original title: Tang Yan changed the sweet image of "beautiful" Weiyang Palace douju premiere broadcast half viewing network station double, Beijing, Eastern Beijing, both "broken" TV is consecutive ratings list. As the story unfolds, Li Weiyang this "one of two life" Wonderwoman increasingly affects the fate of the audience. Actor Tang Yan changed his fresh and sweet image, Li Weiyang played such a complex role. She said: "the fate comes, everyone will show a variety of potential, Li Weiyang also inspired me to show the other side of the potential." "This is a very solid figure, in the face of her people, she is very good, but when the enemy was standing in front of her, she will not hesitate." Two years ago, Tang Yan first got the script, fell in love with the role of Li Weiyang. "This type of role I’ve never played at that time, I spent a few days to see it out of breath." At first, Tang Yan also wondered why, producers will find her to play Lee weiyang. Count Tang Yan before the movie roles, mostly innocent little sweet, deep color, subtly malicious scheming, and the Lee Weiyang malicious fierce determination, completely different from the past as the image of Tang Yan. "People are gradually growing up, I always want to challenge the best role for me, Li Weiyang is not the same, let me very enjoyable. Thanks also to the film side can I have a pair of mining potential of the eye, can let me play this role with the past completely different characters." Because many successful plays sweet role, Tang Yan was praised has also been questioned. Someone gave her role as "silly white sweet" label, even in order to question her acting. Tang Yan never thought that silly white sweet is a derogatory term, because if you do not have these stupid white sweet in the process, there would be no me today. It is because you are not good enough, so we will not to complain. From a certain point of view, this is a good thing, at least I can know my own shortcomings. Only yourself, others will have a good evaluation, for you so I have to work harder." This is Tang Yan from tenth years in the drama school, review the university time, she said he did not Curve Wrecker types of students, "because of personal reasons, I am not always rushed in front of the students. When the assignments also tend to choose the row behind the others." Tang Yan admitted that he was not will take the initiative to communicate with strangers, and actively open up the situation, to a strange environment will be nervous, even a little social phobia. After ten years, from the beginning of Zhang Yimou was selected as the "high starting point of the Olympic baby", later works successfully into the audience’s vision. To outsiders, Tang Yan’s career very well, but one of the joys and no need to let others know. She has suffered in angle, "the contract has been signed, luggage is finished, just second days into the group, night suddenly received a phone crew, you don’t have to say, because you changed." Mentioned his ten year career, Tang Yan felt particularly lucky, not) 唐嫣一改甜美形象首演宫斗剧  《锦绣未央》演绎“一身两命”奇女子–山东频道–人民网 原标题:唐嫣一改甜美形象 首演宫斗剧 《锦绣未央》播出近半收视网台双冠,北京、东方双双“破一”,北京卫视更是连续占据收视榜首。随着剧情的展开,李未央这个“一身两命”奇女子的命运走向越来越牵动观众。扮演者唐嫣一改往日清新甜美的形象,饰演李未央这样一个复杂的角色。她表示:“在命运的无常到来时,每个人都会展现出各种潜能,李未央也激发了我表演上另一面的潜能。” “这是一个非常立体的人物,面对她的亲近之人,她很和善,但当敌人站在她的面前,她绝不会手软。”早在两年前唐嫣第一次拿到剧本时,就喜欢上了李未央这个角色。“这种类型的角色我之前从没有演过,当时我花了几天时间一口气把它看完。” 起初,唐嫣也纳闷过,为什么制片人会找她演李未央。细数唐嫣之前的荧幕角色,大多天真甜美,鲜有腹黑、心机深沉的色彩,而剧中的李未央狠厉决绝,完全不同于唐嫣以往饰演的形象。“人都是逐渐长大的,我也一直希望能挑战更棒的角色,李未央对我来说非常不一样,让我很过瘾。也要感谢片方有一双能挖掘我潜质的慧眼,可以让我出演这个跟以往角色完全不一样的人物。” 因为成功饰演众多温柔甜美的角色,唐嫣被称赞过也被质疑过。有人给她的角色冠以“傻白甜”的标签,甚至以此质疑她的演技。而唐嫣从来不认为傻白甜是贬义词,“因为如果没有这些过程中的傻白甜,也就不会有今天的我。正是因为你有不够好的地方,所以大家才会来提意见。从某种角度说,这是好事,起码我可以知道自己的不足。只有自己做好了,别人才会对你有好的评价,既然这样,我就得更加努力。” 今年正好是唐嫣从中戏毕业的第十个年头,回顾大学时光,她表示自己并不是学霸类型的学生,“因为性格的原因,我不是那种总会冲在最前面的学生。交作业的时候也往往会选择排在大家后面。”唐嫣坦言,自己并不是会主动跟陌生人交流,积极打开局面的人,到陌生的环境会紧张,甚至有点社交恐惧症。 毕业十年,从最开始被张艺谋选中成为“奥运宝贝”的高起点,到后来一部部作品成功走入观众的视野。在外人看来,唐嫣的演艺生涯格外顺遂,而其中的甘苦并不足为外人道。她也曾遭遇换角,“合约都已经签完了,行李也收拾完了,就差第二天进组了,晚上突然接到剧组电话,说你不用去了,因为你被换掉了。” 提起自己十年的演艺生涯,唐嫣觉得自己格外幸运,不用从跑龙套开始起步,更幸运的是,自己也并不是一部戏一夜爆红,每一步都走的稳重而踏实。“我接的每一部戏,每一个角色都是我该感谢的每一步路,这些是我经验的积累,是我人生的积累。如果没有这样的经历我也会心虚,可能也没有那么大的底气。” (责编:张连东、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

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