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Tajikistan’s first railway hualla held the opening ceremony   the Chinese enterprises to participate in the construction of the International – people.com.cn local people gathered to welcome the opening of the railway   people.com.cn August 24 Dushanbe Xinhua (reporter correspondent Xie Yahong Zhang Zhenyu) local time on the morning of 24, vakh dart suburb 20 kilometers east of the capital Dushanbe in the Asian countries of Tajikistan valley. "Vakh dart – Ya Wan Railway (hualla railway) 1 tunnel entrance held a grand opening ceremony, the president of Tajikistan Rahmon, Deputy Prime Minister Alibaduofu as the political leaders of the country and Chinese railway president and other guests attended the ceremony Shangbiao. Hualla railway 48.65 kilometers in length, is the first railway tower built after the founding of the prc. Hualla after the completion of the railway will make Ta Guozhong, southern railway network, greatly reducing the central and southern regions of the two journey, has important strategic significance for the economic development of Tajikistan. Most of the railway construction difficulty of 3 tunnels and 5 bridges by Chinese railway nineteen bureau group construction, a total length of 4467 meters, the project cost $72 million, by the Export Import Bank of China provide "Shuangyou" loans, but also China’s first railway project in the tower support. The contract period of 28 months, the project started in May 15, 2015, only 15 months on the realization of the completion of the opening, become independent tower 25 anniversary tribute project. Thousands of local people and the two towers builders in the opening ceremony, people dressed in festive costumes, this major project now singing, now dancing, celebrating the successful completion. In the cheers of the crowd, President Rahmon and Zhuang Shangbiao together for the opening ceremony. In the speech, Rahmon thanked the Chinese enterprises to hard work, pointed out that in the tower are good neighbors, good partners, the project is a good example of friendship and cooperation projects. Thanks and recognition of outstanding contributions to Chinese builders, in recognition of outstanding contributions for the development of their friendship to the tower, the Prime Minister of Tajikistan Rasul R Da 23 to 4 people Shangbiao Zhuang awarded the "Medal of construction". In addition, enterprises in the project are also trying to fulfill their social obligations, welcomed by the local people. According to the nineteen Bureau of China Railway Group Chairman Wang Xuezhong introduced during hualla railway construction, China Railway nineteen bureau to solve local labor employment 811 people, for the site surrounding villages maintenance obligations of rural roads, maintenance of mosques, flat school sports venues, people digging drainage ditches in the flood, and take practical action to enhance the Chinese people and between the tower sincere friendship. (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章:

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