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Taiwan bus Department of the driver of the crime of drunken suicide car burns victims families can claim – Sohu news July 19th shooting scene of the accident. The Xinhua News Agency Taiwan Taoyuan prosecutors announced on the 10 tour, a serious car accident investigation results, the Taiwanese driver Su Mingcheng, drunk driving, spilled gasoline, fire and burned the car Dutch act, the other passengers and tour guide. Because Su Mingcheng has died, involving drunk driving, arson, murder and other crimes, do not prosecute punishment. Due to the nature of the case from the accident into homicide, the families of the victims of the mainland can be entrusted to deal with civil compensation agents in Taiwan. In the afternoon of the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office held a press conference to end the case investigation. District Xiang read chief prosecutor Wang Yiwen said. The tragedy reduction caused by tourists poured gasoline all killed the driver Wang Yiwen said, July 19th at 12:53 to 12:56, Su Mingcheng drove along the highway 2 West to 8 to 4.2 kilometers, will be placed in the rear seat cockpit guide 2 bottles of 92 unleaded gasoline, spilled in the cockpit of the driver’s seat, and the guide seat near side door near the floor, then holding the lighter ignited the cockpit, because Su flames with his disability to drive. The vehicle is driven by the outer lane to the inner lane, the first is to rub into the inside guardrail, and then out of control to the outer side of the taxiway, and after the impact of the lateral barrier stop. The cockpit fire spread back, but because the right rear door was blocked outside of the fence, can only be opened about 15 centimeters, the left rear of the safety door also cannot be successfully opened, causing the car to escape personnel less, were killed, including 24 mainland tourists. Wang Yiwen said, did not find the tour car driving recorder and cloud image equipment, the car is equipped with vehicle monitoring system and driving recorder, but no storage of image function, and upload the images to the company. Prosecutors said the car entrance, security doors and emergency exits. A total of 5, the tour bus line oblique crashed through the highway guardrail, left front and right rear entrance barrier fence was unable to open the right front door; deformation damage, safety door and roof escape left port is not open, so no one can escape from the car. Wang Yiwen said, as the night anti-theft security door, the car has been equipped with anti-theft lock, metal hook, anti misoperation device and touch the glass chain. Inspection found that has not been opened for preventing error touching glass device, the incident was no obvious right to open the security door. Because the rescue is destroyed, the safety door can open from the outside to the inquest, there is no lock anti-theft lock is also unable to determine. Civil compensation, said the families of the victims may be entrusted to claim Wang Yiwen told reporters, in the case of victims of Taiwanese tour guide’s wife said to sue, so if she refused to accept the results of a case, may within 7 days after the original prosecutor to the high court of Taiwan procuratorial department attorney for reconsideration. However, the families of the victims to Taiwan the case not to sue, even for the case investigation results of doubt, can not apply again. As for civil compensation, because the case is not the first thought of the accident, but homicide, the families of the victims of the mainland can be entrusted to deal with matters related to the Taiwan agent. What kind of person is the driver Su Mingcheng.相关的主题文章:

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