Surprise checks Changchun experimental middle school cafeteria genetically modified soybean oil is

Changchun raided the city experimental middle school canteens of genetically modified soybean oil not publicized in November 18th, the food and Drug Administration Changchun city law enforcement officers on the Changchun City Experimental Middle School and Jilin University Qianwei campus raids, the two schools there is a cafeteria tableware disinfection implement good and bad environment, food packaging without any mark, unable to provide cable card, cable the use of genetically modified soybean oil ticket, no problem express to students and parents, be punished according to law.           11 in the morning, a number of media reporters to follow the Changchun Municipal Food and drug administration law enforcement officers first came to the Changchun City Experimental Middle School is located in the Jingyue Development zone. Came to the school canteen, just in time for the students to have lunch at school. After the meal, the students put the rest of the food directly into the trash can. "Trash put leftovers should not be so exposed." See the scene, law enforcement officers said the person in charge of the canteen. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers came to the processing room in the cafeteria, half barrels of oil immediately attracted the attention of law enforcement officers. "This bucket of soya bean oil is genetically modified, you have a clear position in the public dining hall?" Canteen staff admitted no publicity. China Jilin network reporter noted that in the stove placed oil packaging box six or seven box of the same trademark. In the dining room, kitchen, support decontamination room disinfection cabinet which has rusted student plates stacked directly on the ground, not put into the cleaning cabinet, stood beside the mop. In cooking, washing, cleaning wipes and gloves on the steamer, not far from the pile of rice. Law enforcement officers to open the freezer, found a bag of Steamed Buns, Hanamaki unexpectedly and frozen dumplings and other frozen food stored together. The freezer has become a locker". Hot and cold food is not stored separately, it is easy to cause deterioration of food." Law enforcement officials said that the food will be born with bacteria, mixed with cooked food will be infected with bacteria, very unsanitary. Inspection of law enforcement officers also found the waiter with a hand on the plate in the Steamed Rice students, law enforcement officers were to stop immediately. After inspection, law enforcement officers found the use of non degradable plastic bags of food canteen on campus, jewelry processing, storage, display and other facilities are not functioning properly, not clean 11 problems, then investigated and dealt with.       1 o’clock in the afternoon, law enforcement officers went to Jilin University for inspection found in Qianwei campus, the campus cafeteria, supermarket and restaurant around the campus, no identification of food packaging is also very casual in sales. In addition, the university campus surrounding the hotel, such as the purchase of food can not provide cable card, the phenomenon of the existence of universal ticket. Changchun Municipal Food and Drug Administration food service construction management office director Yu Hai said that from now until before the winter holiday, the food and Drug Administration Changchun city will focus on the development of the school and around the campus food business aspects of food safety special rectification, and strictly investigate and punish illegal acts, the food safety supervision Department, Inspection Bureau, from the city branch the relevant personnel of the special rectification action group, the "four noes two straight".相关的主题文章:

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