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"Super moon" this rare three bursts of tonight’s super moon this year rare ornamental effect of the best three bursts Chinese Jiangsu news network November 13th following the October 17th of this year, the super moon in late November 14th will once again appeared sky. "Super moon" will have a rare "three bursts" this year, astronomers say". "Third hair" appeared in December 13th. Of these three times, the second one is the best. Then, as long as the weather is fine, the public can enjoy a big round moon. It is understood that the "super moon" refers to the moon or the moon, the moon is closer to the earth than usual, so it looks bigger and rounder. Astronomers have explained that the moon orbits around the earth in an elliptical shape, so the distance between the moon and the earth is not constant. The average distance between the moon and the earth is about 384 thousand kilometers, about 360 thousand kilometers from the most recently, about 400 thousand kilometers, the change of the distance to the moon to diameter change as the moon. According to the astronomical precise projections, the 14 day at 21:52 to "look", when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, the moon just face the sun, it is totally reflected light of the sun to the earth, it presents the most round; and on the same day 19, the moon and too close to the site, when the moon from Earth recently for the whole year at the moment, so the moon as the maximum diameter. "When these three full moons occur this year, the moon is not far away from the perigee. Only in November 14th, when the moon moved to perigee, it became a full moon within two hours, so it was unusually large." Shi Zhicheng, member of Chinese Astronomical Society and director of Tianjin astronomical society. Shi Zhicheng said, "super moon" "super" of the naked eye is difficult to distinguish, need the help of astronomical instruments, therefore, for the general public, the night of the moon and no other special. But if you watch it when you’re just rising, you can still feel the moon bigger, rounder and brighter. He said, "super moon" is neither mysterious, not surprisingly, normal phenomena, most years there will be, sometimes more than once, it has no effect on the human production and life, the public should be treated with a common heart.

“超级月亮”今年罕见“三连发” 今晚观赏效果最佳 超级月亮 今年罕见“三连发” 中国江苏网11月13日讯 继今年10月17日之后,“超级月亮”11月14日晚将再次现身天宇。天文专家表示,“超级月亮”今年会上演罕见的“三连发”。“第三发”出现在12月13日。在这三次当中,第二次观赏效果最佳。届时,只要天气晴好,我国公众就可欣赏到一轮又大又圆的月亮。据了解,“超级月亮”指的是新月或满月时,月亮与地球的距离比平时更近,因此看起来更大、更圆。天文专家解释说,月球绕地球转动的轨道呈非标准椭圆状,因此月球和地球之间的距离并不恒定。月球与地球之间的平均距离约38.4万公里,最近36万公里左右,最远40万公里左右,这种月地距离的变化导致了月球视直径的变化。根据天文精确推算,14日21时52分为“望”,此时地球运行到月亮和太阳之间,月亮恰好“直面”太阳,它将太阳的光全部反射给地球,故呈现“最圆”;而同日19时,月球又过近地点,届时月球距离地球为全年最近时刻,因而此时月亮的视直径最大。“今年这三次满月发生时,月球距离近地点都不是很远。只不过,11月14日这次,月亮运行到近地点后两小时内就变成了满月,因此显得异常大。”中国天文学会会员、天津市天文学会理事史志成说。史志成表示,“超级月亮”的“超级”程度肉眼很难分辨,需要借助天文仪器,因此,对于普通公众来说,当晚的月亮并无其他特别之处。但是,如果在刚刚升起的时候观赏,还是能明显感觉到月亮更大更圆更亮。他说,“超级月亮”既不神秘,也不奇怪,系正常天象,大多数年头都会有,有时甚至不止一次,它不会对人类的生产和生活产生影响,公众应以一颗平常心来对待。相关的主题文章:

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