Suicide Is The Cause Of All Death-kaya scodelario

Spirituality Before life, the soul chooses what it wants to experience in the physical world. It chooses its parents, the time and place of birth and it chooses the circumstances time and place of death. The soul does not come blindly to this life. It has chosen parents and time of birth to best facilitate what it wants to experience. After birth the soul gives up control of its circumstances to the will of the ego. The ego is given unconditional freedom to choose the direction of the body in this world. Much like a captain has freedom to choose the course of a ship during a voyage, with a final destination in mind. The better the communication between the captain and the ship’s owner as to how and where the ship will end up, the more likely that the ship will reach its destination will little difficulty. However if the captain is not in contact with his resources for weather conditions, if he does not refer to his compass and navigational equipment, he can be in for a long, rough ride. During the voyage, the captain will make many decisions that will affect the overall comfort and ease of the journey. It is the owner however that will determine where the ship finally ends up and when it has taken its last voyage. The soul is the owner of the body. The soul was created by the mind, so in fact all there really is, is the mind-the creator of all that is. The triune of mind, soul and body is really an illusion-there is only mind. The mind uses an aspect of itself, the soul to give energy to a physical body to experience another aspect of physical life. It is the mind that determines birth and death. When the mind no longer wishes to experience this particular physical life cycle, the soul leaves the body and it dies. This is done in complete agreement with all aspects of this life form-mind, body and spirit. All deaths are suicide in that they are not accidents, they are intentional. No one can stop the transformation of the ego back to its source once the soul has decided to leave the body. The mechanics of the body may continue, either artificially or in a coma, but the spirit has moved on. The death of the body may not be permanent. After experiencing physical death, the soul may decide to return to the body and continue life for its own purposes. The reasons for this shift in experience may not be entirely known to the ego. But his/her consciousness may have some remembrance of the transformation. Those that have experienced near death experiences do not experience their lives the same afterwards. There appears to be a change in the way the soul wishes to experience life in this particular body. The captain as it were, is given different orders and a new heading. Life is intentional and so is death. Suicide is never by accident-it is well thought out. Death is a transformation from one body to the next for reasons only known to the soul and in a few cases for those that have achieved a higher level of communication with their spirit. Suicide is not a tragic event when viewed from a position of greater awareness and unconditional love. When the body leaves the struggle and lets go, it is the most wonderful sense of freedom that you can imagine. In my own life I have experienced this freedom at the moment of letting go in a drowning incident . My compassion goes out to the survivors left behind, but never to the one departed. About the Author: Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy’s books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought about. Authors and Publishers visit our new article Directory at Visit Roy at: Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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