Steve Chou where sober tonight starting 9.3 concert in Beijing (video) diamondprox

Steve Chou "where" sober tonight starting 9.3 concert in Beijing [Abstract] the song "tonight" where is the best sober partner, has long been well-known lyricist Chen Xinrong Steve Chou and CO creation. Steve Chou – Emil Chau "to have a song that reminds you of me" Tencent entertainment news today, with the "godfather of love songs" reputation of music Steve Chou, 2016 new masterpiece "sober tonight" where the whole network premiere. The debut for many years, Steve Chou’s life and work are inseparable with music, he created many more popular songs are deeply rooted in people’s mind. However, after a few years ago a serious illness Steve Chou about life, work and career have a new understanding and understanding: "don’t need to like it used to hum to pursue, it is arbitrary to hope a" from the heart "realm." Steve Chou "where" sober tonight singles Steve Chou invited Vivian to join his wife song production team award for well-known design sequence as visual Director Song "tonight" where is the best sober partner, long renowned lyricist Chen Xin Rong and Steve Chou co creation, Steve Chou indicated: "the creation is the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty poet Liu the word" permanent parting bells "in Yu Lin as a primer, the picture emerges is on a rainy night, don’t stop looking for traveler alone, life is lost in the homing, feel lost, or is very important thing that had made him miss a face… And no one knows the correct answer, only know that the traveller has not found…" The use of the current popular "electronic sound" mix "of traditional musical instruments", "combination of string" and "electronic", then to "hip hop rhythm" with "Ballad", also joined the French and "harmony" Aboriginal style, is a special blend of many successful works of musical elements. In order to enhance the richness of the songs, listeners bring more surprises, Steve Chou also invited Vivian to join the wife of Pipa accompaniment song by Pipa production team, unique sound to try to figure out the creation of "Liu Yong Yu Ling Ling" in "sober tonight where the situation and atmosphere. This new song is not only in the sense of hearing to bring you a new feeling, visual breakthrough. Steve Chou for the first time and years of Cooperation Award for well-known designers direction, in the single main visual thinking, "classical thinking where" tonight sober fusion of modern point of view, select the experimental vessel and special glass as shooting props, through different thickness, different curvature, new old different glass material, see the world the level of artistic conception, some hazy with a fan art, some fat bottle will make things down completely upside down, some fringe lattice will produce scattered mosaic effect… Indeed, as the moment of sober, eyes, turn his head, as if you don’t exist in the world that you think. Song name tour concert in Beijing in September 3rd at the long-term performance of Steve Chou everywhere around the world, in the last "I do not know when to" tour with all the fans into the time tunnel, the aftertaste of these songs in those years together pain and beautiful, the high degree of sing classic songs are loaded with everyone life is beautiful because of memory and experience.相关的主题文章:

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