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State Securities: the new economy new economy industry a huge space for development of new economy industry a huge space for development at this stage is based on information transmission, computer services and software industry and high-end equipment manufacturing as the main body, covering environmental protection, scientific research, bio medicine, new energy and new materials and other seven sectors involved in pharmaceutical and other industries ten. China’s new economy has begun to sprout, if the latter support policies to keep up with the pace, then the future of China’s new economy in the coming years will be very broad prospects for development. (1) pharmaceutical biology: supply side reform, the rise of new health care. 1) "medicine" to "reform" to promote the rise of new medical, pharmaceutical industry, "standardized" facing clearing, conceived structural opportunities "efficiency"; the medical industry to enhance the ability to do incremental opportunity. 2) from the 90s Japanese experience, Chinese optimistic about the "new medical" investment opportunities in the next ten years: from the perspective of industry, medical innovation, medical services, medical equipment as the representative of the new medical future potential; from the point of view of investment, new medical securitization will have greater investment opportunities than traditional medicine. 3) recommended the subject point of view, CRO R & D Outsourcing: Tiger medicine, Huawei; health examination: meinian health diagnosis; Outsourcing: Dean diagnosis, Runda medical; private hospital: Aier Ophthalmology, Xinbang pharmaceutical; medical devices: diving medical, medical Dunlop, Kelite. (2) automotive industry: intelligence and electrification. 1) automotive Intelligence: a radical revolution in the automobile industry. Governments have expressed strong support for unmanned, intelligent driving open ADAS billion market, is expected in 2020 the domestic passenger car ADAS market size of up to 135 billion yuan (currently RMB 7 billion). 2) electric: deterministic growth of the industry segments. The purchase of the city license + charging facilities to improve the government car subsidies to provide new energy vehicle growth momentum, short-term concern electric logistics vehicles, long-term bullish on new energy vehicles. 3) intelligent network about the automobile industry chain, concern about the proposed intelligent [Tuopu group + + technology + Wan Shuang Lin shares of wanglian [Asia Pacific shares] and Ningbo high + shares + shares + wildeal cable Ling Gao Hong shares, and the electric field of the recommendations concern Dongfeng Automobile, JAC, kasun and matsushiba shares. (3) new energy industry: focus on energy storage and fuel cell. 1 new energy vehicles spawned a variety of investment opportunities, we propose to focus on the expected price elasticity is expected to poor upstream, as well as the catalytic fuel industry facing policy. 2, the market demand and policy environment continues to heat up, the cost of energy storage and economic growth. 3) under the reform of the electric power system, the speed of the policy side is obvious, and the comprehensive energy service provider is optimistic about the light assets. 4) recommended the subject point of view, the new energy automotive focus in the field of ocean motor, rich Reiter installed, snowman shares, energy focus in the field of San Yang shares, Nandu power and sun power, xiongtao electric field change on Beijing shares, CREE, stelux shares, Nari, Kim Ji technology, electric confidence and wisdom electric light. (4) machinery industry: focus on advanced rail equipment, intelligent logistics equipment and energy saving and environmental protection equipment. 1 advanced rail equipment to see: 2020 is expected to exceed the urban rail mileage.相关的主题文章:

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