St Dong TA Mengsui new recombinant small shareholders worry about 300 million yuan compensation for

*ST Dong TA Mengsui new recombinant small shareholders worry about 300 million yuan compensation dashuipiao national investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor *ST Dong TA Mengsui new recombinant small shareholders worry about 300 million yuan compensation dashuipiao – reporter       while straightening; *ST Dong TA termination of a major asset restructuring, but because the counterparty intends to fully sell cash 352 million yuan compensation but not by small shareholders. Not only that, when released three quarterly announcements in the days before the company, the company’s share price has not dropped sharply, but in recent days to rise continuously. Although the company’s share price trend is still good, but there are minority shareholders suspect that in October 27th, the company’s share price began to appear callback trend, whether this represents a selling agency. Small shareholders more companies questioned: "compensation, the termination of the restructuring will thus make sense?" In view of the company received only 50 million yuan of compensation, the company once again doubt the small shareholders of the company’s shell can be successful? In the face of all kinds of questions, in October 27th, the Securities Daily reporters repeatedly call *ST East tantalum secretaries office, but no one reply. Restructuring stop the new deal? Recalling the reorganization process *ST East tantalum, the company since February 2nd this year to suspend and prepare for restructuring matters. Announcements, the reorganization of the proposed plan, including asset sales, asset replacement and issue of shares to buy assets. Among them, the main business assets intends to include tantalum niobium beryllium and its alloy smelting processing business assets and liabilities, the company sold to various foreign equity investment in Orient Group Co. Ltd. (Ningxia), and will be in addition to the above main assets other assets and Li Zhenyu held in Dalian ocean fishing tuna limited equity equivalent replacement at the same time, intends to purchase the replacement of assets issued shares after the Dalian Ocean Fisheries Limited surplus equity tuna. In addition, intends to issue shares to raise matching funds for the project with the Dalian ocean fishing tuna fishing Co., Ltd. the main industry related projects to improve the performance of the reorganization. According to the March 3, 2016 announcement, the controlling shareholder in *ST Dong ta (Ningxia) Oriental Group Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: the color of the East) signed the "equity transfer agreement", the company agreed to hold its 123 million shares (representing 28% of total equity) and the corresponding transfer together with all rights, powers and rights to Dalian Longtai Venture Investment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Longtai venture capital), the transfer agreement on the price of 1 billion 500 million yuan. If the transfer of shares to complete the transfer of registration, Longtai venture will become the controlling shareholder of a listed company, Li Zhenyu will become the actual controller of the listed company. But the restructuring was announced in July. The reasons given by the company: "in view of asset replacement counterparty fails to cooperate with the intermediary in a specified time to complete the assets to be placed in all the verification work, the intermediary can not be issued by the major asset restructuring of the relevant data, reports and documents, leading to reorganization fails to advance, *ST Dong TA decided to terminate the reorganization of相关的主题文章:

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