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"Sports music" is the best gift for children (people’s Commentary) – View – by more scientific, multi content selection, make the students feel the charm of sports, so as to stimulate the "lifelong sports" intrinsic passion said, "you lost" has replaced the "how", become friends the most pleasant greeting each other, usually but pretending to be humble heart secretly waved his hand: "no no, just recently exercise regularly." It is in sports become the universal trend under the background of the Ministry of Education recently issued a document, sports into the senior high school entrance examination in the nationwide compulsory project. It is expected that this move will allow more "small overweight" rose from his seat in the sun, feel the charm of sports. Previously, although sports is the vast majority of the country provinces of the senior high school entrance examination on compulsory subjects, but there are still a few places do not test sports. Even those who must place in the "major" and "minor" utilitarian distinguish, PE is not essential easily in the awkward position. According to the recently issued the "Circular on further promoting the high school exam enrollment system reform guidance", the senior high school entrance examination admission score subjects by language, mathematics, foreign language and sports constitute 4 subjects, and cancel the sports competition and extra points. Insiders said, will rise to the sports and the number of language "three major equal status, is a historic turning point to change the weak position of physical education"". In the general level of understanding, the importance of middle school physical education has in fact there is no need to say, parents are mostly children don’t bear to take "xupang" cost to replace a little learning time. The reform of the physical education triggered the real problem lies in how to better guide students through the examination reform emphasis on physical exercise? How to really improve students’ enthusiasm for sports? After all, one of the problems of physical education is that some students are forced to exercise. Some teachers said that some children ran out of the basket around the bar, but does not mean they will play basketball, but does not mean that they like to play basketball, after the test may not touch basketball for a lifetime. Lack of "inner enthusiasm" is a common problem in the middle school physical education. To arouse students’ enthusiasm for sports, physical education into the compulsory subjects in senior high school entrance examination is just one of the means, the key is through more scientific and diverse content, let the students feel the charm of sports, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of internal lifelong sports ". Some people think that it is obviously too idealistic to abolish physical examination in order to release students’ interest. Even in some developed countries, it still retains the baton. Many of the world’s leading universities in the admission, are very valued sports extra-curricular activities. One of the best known cases is that when NBA sent out a call to Kobe, a talented basketball player, many well-known universities, including the Duke University, threw an olive branch to the 17 year old high school student in the city of. Therefore, the future of physical education and examination reform, we must strive to make students feel the charm of sports, rather than the physical as a burden. In practice, there are a lot of places in the practice of diversified physical education,相关的主题文章:

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