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Sports enthusiasts cliff carved sweetheart Avatar 60% users in favor of clear Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Taizhou on September 29th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that as to the beloved man love Zhejiang, Taizhou outdoor sports enthusiasts Ling Ling climb the cliff, spent more than 2 months time, the picture is painted in a "sweetheart Shenxianju scenic cliffs. Scenic staff after the discovery and Lingling of communication, she said that as soon as possible to erase the rock paintings of this mountain. This recently sparked heated debate on the internet. A poll on a WeChat sponsored public number, 83% of users support the retention of the rock paintings ", 17% of the users that should be clear" or "no". Support the retention of rock to the users that Lingling practice although wrong, but the truth is moving, can be developed as a story of the attractions; opponents said that regardless of the attractions are not developed, it belongs to the public, so the graffiti is vandalism, in addition to Li Yingqing. More than 60% nets have argued that public areas and private areas can not be confused, should be removed graffiti. Micro-blog users @ sea in A: it should be clear, this approach is not only serious damage to the natural scenery, but also look intimidating, besides this, and we do not oppose the graffiti in the area difference. If we imitate this behavior, who also visit the scenic spots. Micro-blog users @ sunshine: Although the drawing’s intention is to love sweetheart, do take some thought, but the act itself is illegal, and the portrait and landscape of scenic spot is not to be a portrait of the man is not willing to be hung so high it. There are nearly 40% users that punish behavior and remove scenic graffiti murals are two different things, should leave space for art. Micro-blog users @ Subei grassroots news: Scenic anyway can doodle, but we can not be across the board, to have some good things he did not kill, destroy the overall tourist image. Negative to enhance the overall image of the scenic area. After a few decades we look back, but also a very beautiful murals. Micro-blog users @ real: hard to draw up portraits, do not easily clear, after all, this is the true expression of the drawing. Micro-blog users @ turtle walk Wayne: as long as it is not important in the area of the place or does not affect the landscape to the original or words. Truly understand the beauty of people will fit in the right place to draw the pattern, can sometimes make a common place to become unique.相关的主题文章:

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