South Korean star wild players refused to come to China, said Lck can learn more aquaria

The players refused to play wild South Korean star called LCK can learn more before the Sbenu team play wild South Korea player Yeonjun " Flawless" Sung; in a recent interview that he hopes his next season still stay in South korea. In the 2016LCK League, although the Sbenu team is a strength of the bottom of the team, playing field players Flawless play is very brisk, has attracted many viewers and the attention of his team, Li Qing made many of the top players playing field for a headache. Although the Sbenu team down to the secondary League, Flawless is considered to be the most promising South Korea’s first line of wild players, has become a new star players. However, in October 8th, Sbenue announced the dissolution of the League of heroes division, Flawless faces many choices about the future. In an interview with South Korean media Inven recently, Flawless said: "I received an invitation from China countless, but I refused all contracts. Even if I can only be a substitute, I would prefer to stay in the LCK team, in the LCK League, I still have a lot of things to learn."相关的主题文章:

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