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Song Dandan claimed to beat Real sitcom   don’t play "families with children" sequel – media – original title: Song Dandan: a young man is hard to find a bosom friend "my father-in-law Song Dandan Tan drama martial arts". Urban ethical play "my father-in-law" martial arts will be launched at the Oriental TV in December 10th. Song Dandan, Ni Dahong, Liang Tian, there are many other old drama of bone support, Song Dandan plays a marriage for his son’s mother worry. Yesterday, she was in an interview in Shanghai, said it would not play in the home of children sequel, because he has been unable to take a sitcom. As an actor, she felt very lucky, there are many insights, young when it is difficult to make intimate friends, old and many young people have become intimate friends, play can take, now every day to live in gratitude.   Ni Dahong is not talkative, like Guangzhou Daily: This is with Ni Dahong before and after 21 years of cooperation, he is eloquent type be scanty of words that you want, such cooperation is a comedy? Song Dandan: I do not know if there is a comedy effect, but it is natural to perform, according to the play to play, because it has been filmed for nearly two years, I thought it could not be broadcast. At that time to see the script, just look at the first episode, I think it is very interesting, then took the play. Guangzhou Daily: in the "I love my family," and Ni Dahong no intersection, now found that he has any change? Song Dandan: Yes, he was a guest to set itself he doesn’t love speech, we are at work, in fact, do not know. Later, I heard that the play has him, very happy, anyway, he did not love to talk, the relationship between the play is not very good, it is less communication, the final word on the shoot, the cooperation is still very happy. Guangzhou Daily: the role itself has more emotions, in order to his son’s marriage is more intense? There are action scenes? Song Dandan: because she’s a little bit of a strong man, there’s a lot of action, just to show that career. As a mother, her son is not strong, is a very good, very loving mother. Guangzhou Daily: this drama you play is a family hostess, this role will be more tired? Song Dandan: not tired, and now only family drama can choose, costume drama I can not shoot, and there is little role in the elderly. And the actors get a role play is honest, to my age now feel a little tired, every shot so much drama, energy is not as strong, finished to rest for a while and then shot. When I was young, I would also like to improve the script, and now it is to be honest to the Guangzhou Daily: which one has impressed you so far? Song Dandan: this problem can only ask the audience, I was over it, and not every special love, just to complete the work. May show up and let me the most happy, comfortable play called "mother’s mood", I’m more than and 70 years old grey-haired old lady, I love to play the play, because the play that play like talking now, her body is very weak, play less tired, compare the play and take heart. Play)相关的主题文章:

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