Some parts of the United States took the lead in voting to maintain a weak leader Hilary – Sohu

Parts of the United States to vote for Hilary only slightly ahead of the news – Sohu in Africa, users of twitter, Hilary and Trump were PS together, two people face are embedded in the two in Africa features clothing in the body. Network screenshot before and after the two candidates debate each burst Mengliao, attack each other, this session of the U.S. presidential election is the black material one after another, constantly refresh the three bystanders. The 28 day, FBI announced the resumption of investigation of Hilary "mail" incident, is to add a layer of whirling color for this election. In the attention of many countries around the world, there are foreign media even said that the U.S. election as the funniest ever". British media: global competition and crazy liar, the British "Daily Telegraph" published a commentary that the U.S. presidential election is called "history" is one of the worst. In this article the author cited Trump and Hilary to expose each other out, accusing each other of camp on the issue of women’s position. "The American general election is not for the sick." The author in the Watergate Case, said that although the scandal had let Nixon shame, but at least at the time, both sides still in the campaign for the ruling ideas and beliefs ". Since then, the article, for example, said the candidate’s demeanor was more respectable in 2008. In that year’s campaign, Mccain, the Republican candidate, heard a radical female voter call Mr Obama an Arab, and immediately stopped him and said, "it’s not like that," she said, "and that’s not the case." ". He (Obama) is a respectable citizen, a man who is loyal to the family, we only have different views on some basic issues, and that is the only thing that people should pay attention to in this election. We are rivals, and I do want to be president of the United States, but you shouldn’t be prejudiced against him." The article said, compared with this election is too terrible today. Hilary and his allies like a group of forever in orchestrating what cheater, and supporters of Trump like a madman for lynching." Some even say that the election has now become an "unprecedented joke."". This noisy election seems to make a lot of people tired, "fortunately, a few days, everything is over". French Prime Minister: Trump will be rejected by the world’s French Prime Minister, Manuel, said earlier in an interview with the media, said that he and the French people are supported by the president of the Republic of China, said that the French Prime Minister, Mr. Waals said he had discussed with the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau during his visit to Ottawa, the United States presidential election, the two different views, but he unconditionally support the Democratic candidate for himself, Mr. Hilary. "Obama is the choice of the whole world, and Trump will be rejected by the whole world." Waals said. Earlier, French President Hollande in a media interview, also expressed dissatisfaction with Trump, said Trump licentious excesses "disgusting". Hollande even said that President Trump was "unthinkable"". According to reports, this is likely to be Hollande and Trump prior to the French Ning相关的主题文章:

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