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Science Amongst various reading genres, it is the science fiction which tops the popularity charts. After all, the action and the interest aspect of the science fictions could readily make them a must read. There are a number of books that make use of science fiction as their backdrop to capture the attention of the readers. However, there are a number of others which are pure science fictions as well. Let’s have a look at a few of the must read science fiction books. ‘Dune’ is possibly the first name that .es to any sci-fi enthusiast’s head when speaking of top science fiction. Written by Frank Herbert, this book is considered by many to be the flawless challenger to the additionally legendary ‘Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. In fact, many critics have labeled the book as ‘the pinnacle of literary achievement’ in the realm of science fiction writing. Another great sci-fi read is ‘Snow Crash’ written by Neal Stephenson. The book is of the cyberpunk genre and the plot revolves around a man who’s a part time hacker, samurai swordsman and pizza delivery guy. This is an action crammed read that may keep you hooked from the 1st. Are you searching for a book that’s a little like Matrix? If yes, then Otherland by Tad William is all that you need. Unlike most sci-fi books that are a lot more about blabbering and less about action, Otherland gives you action in every line. Although the book starts on a a little slow note, it at last picks up as you read it through. An additional famous science fiction book is Ender’s Game. This book as written by Orson Scott Card is the prefect blend of science fiction ‘n human emotions. This .bo is surely going to bind the interest of all the readers in no time. The book revolves around the life of a young boy and how he protects the humanity from untoward events with his courage. The book has all the features that can make it a must read. The drama and science fiction that it offers shouldn’t be missed upon at all. If you’ve been a sci fi enthusiast for a long time, you may wish to read ‘Forever War.’ Written by Joe Haldeman, the book presents a serious idea against a science fiction background- that of war being unneeded. Piled high with action ‘n drama, the book highlights specific aspects which are of a annoying nature, sure to make you mull over it even after you’ve finished reading. Nevertheless, provided the .plex character of this read, it is not re.mended for sci fi amateurs. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your pick and you’re certain to have fun with the fiction and the drama that these books could deliver. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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