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[solid] single Bayern Real Madrid three Juventus Wendan – Sohu 1, sports do not believe in God’s message on behalf of the formation of the group chat or initiated together to buy, to avoid economic losses. The 2 day, the last update time is 23:00, that we should not be too late. Today, experts recommend as follows, please carefully reference: Wednesday 031 German Cup Qiuwen scheme Bayern Munich VS Augsburg Shengsheng half the audience @1.25 bets: 10 yuan: 12.5 yuan the highest prize winning probability theory: 60.94% Bayern future two faced double match, Ancelotti is bound to the rotation of a substitute, but still luxury lineup. The two teams will meet again in 4 days after the League relegation of Augsburg cup is not full. Bo found. On Wednesday 034 Serie A Juventus VS Sampdoria game and a half: 10 yuan – @1.41 betting the highest prize: 14.1 yuan Theory: 54.03% the probability of winning Juve round defeat, slightly influence on the win against Naples at the weekend to take more difficult. Sampdoria started ahead of relegation, have challenged Juventus, inter two strong, especially at the zebra, difficult to be optimistic about prospects. On Wednesday 047 King’s cup Leon Nessa VS Real Madrid game and a half a @1.42 bet: 10 yuan: 14.2 yuan the highest prize winning probability theory: 53.64% Real Madrid do not pay enough attention to the king’s cup, after two away next week, the main state need adjustment, rotation attack your noble chance. The home team is West C lead, but with the giants a higher, the strength is too great. Gall Bo League Cup scheme Wednesday 027 West Ham VS Chelsea @4.70, a game and a half Pingfu @2.55 bets: 20 yuan 25.5-47 yuan, the highest prize winning probability theory: 46.01% Chelsea and Liverpool situation is similar to that of the record is very high, and no European divided heart. West Ham is not just soft persimmon knead, also involves the London derby, both sides of the real thing, Conti’s Blues further. On Wednesday 046 League Cup Manchester VS Manchester city 3@3.55, 4@5.40 total score Betting: 20 yuan 35.5-54 yuan the highest prize winning probability theory: it is self-evident importance of the 35.53% Manchester derby, both teams suffered numerous rounds, to fight face Mourinho PK guardiola. The Reds will be more hope to win the game, if the attack does not strive, so broad goals. PS: the above information does not represent the public number and the site view, for reference only. More analysis of the event information, the bottom of the public number menu – recommended by the length of the two-dimensional code to identify the two-dimensional code, you can pay attention to SMG official". The first choice of professional lottery SMG 6相关的主题文章:

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