Soil pollution shocking province brewing earth ten local rules soojin

Soil pollution shocking province brewing "earth ten" local rules on soil pollution control environmental protection storm is gaining momentum. Recently, the "Economic Reference News" reporter learned from several provinces, "soil environmental protection and pollution control action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "earth ten") after the introduction of Liaoning, Shanxi, Gansu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Ningxia and other provinces began brewing local "earth ten" rules. These local rules include the delineation of the contaminated area, the investment of funds amount, management measures and so on, and according to the actual situation around to make the soil pollution control policy in China landing specific timetable". At the same time, various places are also brewing a series of incentives to promote and regulate the field of soil pollution control of government and social capital cooperation, and gradually to the field of soil pollution prevention and control of the full liberalization of social capital. Reporters learned that, in the Liaoning provincial government formulated the soil pollution prevention and control work in Liaoning, where the soil and air, water, as the province’s five major environmental pollution control direction. It will focus on petroleum, chemical, smelting based heavy industrial city, key industrial sites, soil pollution problem historical mine sewage irrigation and oilfield, the strengthening of soil pollution prevention, to improve the soil environment quality gradually. In addition, the "Gansu province soil pollution prevention and control work plan" to seek the views of the main stage, includes not only the targets for 2020 and 2030 to the outside, the future will also work in accordance with the "classification management, prevention and control of pollution, the implementation of governance" and other ideas, lists 37 specific work, and will work to clear each specific department. At the end of October, Sichuan Province, the establishment of soil pollution control and ecological restoration of Specialized Committee, the special committee will be selected for the industry survey, Sichuan soil remediation technology and equipment, and to assess the credit and performance of business units. It is reported that Sichuan province is still actively strive for the Central Soil amounted to 152 million 200 thousand yuan of special funds for environmental protection, and in Chengdu, Leshan, Deyang, Luzhou city to carry out agricultural and industrial site development and utilization of soil environmental remediation pilot. As the soil pollution is the first programmatic document, "ten" was behind the status quo of soil pollution in China "shocking". Despite the state’s repeated demands, but compared with air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution control progress is slow, due to the technical threshold of governance is difficult and requires a lot of capital investment and higher, started work for remediation of contaminated soils late in our country, has not yet formed a benign industrial chain, the whole industry market is basically in a closed and competitive information disorder of state. International engineering consulting firm Yu Xiaodong said, China’s soil remediation areas at present there are three major problems, first of all is the lack of top-level design, the idea of governance is not clear; the second place is inflated and the scale of construction investment phenomenon is serious; third is the local supporting fund gap, basically is in the central capital. Held in the days before the "International Symposium on soil improvement and resource utilization, Hongda Industrial Limited by Share Ltd chairman, Dean of the Guangdong earth soil Research Institute Zhou Yifeng believes that once the land was 7相关的主题文章:

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