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Baseball One of the more .mon remarks that you will hear from youth softball coaches is that coaching youth softball is the most both rewarding and at the same time most quite frustratingfrustrating areas of the sport. WAnd while some may say that statements like that arethink thats an exaggeration, theres certainly some truth to it. After all, you will not only have to deal with young players in on your team but also with their parents, which makes things a lot more challenging. Youre in the heat of the game. Your eyes are fixed intently on the pitcher and you wait for her to pitch the ball. Then she throws the pitch, you wait for the final moment before unleashing your bat. You crush the ball right at the sweet spot and you know that ball will be out of the field in no time. You run to the first base, then to second, and while on your way to the third base, you start to feel pain in your calf. You brave it out and continue on until you can no longer bear the pain. Almost at third base, you stop. Your teammates stand and grow quiet to try to figure out what happened. Reality sinks into your brain: youre injured. What should you do? While continuing to run may seem heroic, its often a better decision to just stay where you are. In addition remember these key concepts on about what to do when youre get injured: 1.Stay calm and stay still. Your bodys initial response to injuriy is often panic and moving into a different position to minimize the pain. However, thats probably not the greatest idea. In fact its probably best that you do the exact opposite instead. Stop moving, particularly in the area youre feeling pain, so you dont inadvertently make things worse. Until you know exactly what the problem is, its usually best that you just stay put and dont move. 2.Seek help. Unless help .es to you immediately, seek help from anyone in the area, even if its from your opponents. The sooner a medical professional can attend to your condition, the bigger your chances of recovering from your injury as fast as possible. Get a medical professional to assess your situation and determine the appropriate course of action of whether you only need to take a break from the game or go to the hospital immediately. 3.Power your way to recovery. Hopefully your injury is minor and will go away in a few days. But what if youve broken a bone? You will likely require, therapy to fully recover. It can take months before you make a full recovery but thats where patience needs to .e in. It can be very frustrating to be unable to do what you want to do, but you cant rush this an injury. Stay strong and power your way to recovery. Dont rush. All in all, stay relaxed and be patient. Thats all there is to it. Unfortunately, there arent any shortcuts yet to help you deal with an injury. So waiting and keeping calm might be all you can do. Once your injury has fully healed, then you can slowly start playing again. But before you do so, seek your doctors help first to determine if you really are ready to play again. Injuries take time, but once youre healed and back in the game, youll be glad you didnt rush it. The worse thing you can do is rush back only to injure yourself again because your body wasnt ready. Be patient. Take your break and/or therapy seriously. Make sure youre ready to get back in the game before your return. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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